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Clearchoice=badchoice. Bad work, bad attitude. Poor quality. Robbers. 1 yr & needs to be rebuilt correctly

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I had excellent service from the staff at Clear Choice in Las Vegas, NV. Everyone was very helpful and informative. My only complaint is that I have been trying for 6 months to get Clear Choice's tax ID number so that I can file this claim with my medical insurance and they refuse to give it to me. They claim I do not need it because my insurance company is paying me and not them. But my insurance company (United Health Care) refuses to... Read more

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I went to the one in Austin and had a great conversation and tour. Then I was told the first set are temp and will cost $35,000 then I will get the perm ones once they can fit me perfectly and pay $50,000. I was told "we can start today with a $5,000 deposit. I was like whoa slow down! I am on disability and then they treated me like ***. I can't hardly eat, I wont smile, hardly talk to anyone and bearly leave the house cause Im complete... Read more

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That commercial is offensive. " I would never consider dentures " she says.. I wonder how that woman would feel after going without ANY teeth for a couple years. I'm thinking dentures would be looking *** good.

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They dont communicate the truth. Say one more visit but you end up having several visits... And the doctor changes. Change the scheduled appointment and do not notify with enough time.

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I will pray for you. The same thing happened to me. I had a really bad experience with a Bad dentist. They ruined my natural teeth. Charged me 15,000 dollars to do it and then refused to accept resposibility for it. They actually cemented in a temporary bridge with permanent cement. And at one point double charged my insurance company for it. It was a nightmare. May God be with you.

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I need help. And I am scared. I'm in of dental service being a working check to check person, I reading the the cost just to do the upper is $25,000 is not what I had in mind. I saw the commercial with the woman and no she didn't convince me but the service they could provide for those who need it such as myself, it's worth a try. I just found a job with benefit after 15 year everyone knows of the economy... I am excited to start working on my... Read more

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My experience with clear choice has been amazing! When I first went into clear choice, I realize there was actually hope to have a pretty smile. They instantly made me feel at home, they answered all of my questione and concerns, and they treated me like a friend rather than a patient. It has been 14 years since I have been able to smile with confidence. Now I can things to Dr. Child I have appreciated the fact that Dr. Child is a... Read more

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My husband got his temporary teeth January 2016. No back teeth to chew with. Now he's lost 60lbs because he can't eat!! Won't get permanent teeth until December! This is completely unacceptable!! And they are very expensive!! He is in constant pain!! What can we do?!?

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The woman on the commercial is a joke, those teeth are large for her mouth. No wonder people are always commenting about her teeth, she can't even talk properly. How *** that this *** was chosen to represent their work. Read more

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In the process, now worried. Made appointment for final implant, only to hear the desk clerk say they use 3rd party to make tooth. Wsit, their lab is onsite???

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Worst place ever! Don't go here!!! They never have the same Doctor work on you and they don't communicate with you. Save your money and go to a dentist that really cares. Read more

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Caution !! caution !! The specialist at clear choice do not do the surgeries..they have inexperienced trainee do the surgeries. Diana

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I for one would not use clear choice due to watching and listening to the woman in the commercial - she looks like she can't close her mouth and sounds like her mouth is too full of teeth. Not a good recommendation for me. Hope this is not the case with all patrons. What more can I say? Maybe they need to get a better, more realistic model for there product. ****************************** One hundred words is too much to require on this... Read more

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We need to get serious about Clear Cholce and list our names. There are hundreds probably out there that don't know how to file a complaint with Better Business Bureaus OR The American Dental Association OR with their local News Paper! Make this a daily tast until we get some action OR some attorney interested! I had extractions and they removed to much of my bone to have successful emplants. It has been one in and two out, just killing time... Read more

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