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Any company that does a lot of TV ads, holds mass seminars full of sales talk, and claims nothing but 'goooood' in their presentation are, near, a guarantee for money grabbing, greedy, self-centered, self-exalting, people who are always better and smarter than you b/c they see themselves able to take, get, collect so much from other people.... It's inherent that these well acclimated, brain-washed, purposeless, types to, by, in the culture of "it's all about the money" culture that is prevalent in the age of modern, endless, pressures to have and 'to look' that success in life is deemed, projected, taught, and learned to be....

beware, beware, beware....'it', that with which the worst are possessed, consumes them blinding them, from the care, attention, honesty, and giving that such an important procedure, an operation, with foreign objects implanted, often times into bone grafts, requires............such subjects to the mind and heart of capitalizing is truly an enemy... chances of coming out the other end of people covering themselves from all sorts, kinds, and types of fault are as a spider web preparing to eat you alive while your basic ability to eat may become forever disrupted; including disabling....

good luck ignoring this..... martin

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Clear Choice Cons: Inability to take full responsibility for damages.

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By now you would think most people are wise to TV hyped commercials, but alas it seems not to be the case. Statistics will show that TV stations are only interested in the money that these ads create.

They do not screen them for fraud or misrepresentation, which is why the complaints continue to outnumber any positive value.

To avoid being scammed or robbed by allowing your credit cards to be openly charged for poor quality items or scamming, YOU MUST always Google any item or charity sold on TV, including all those listed at $20 or less for complaints before losing your money.

Any two for one offer is generally bogus and of very poor quality, not to mention never being able to get your money back on phony guarantees. BUYER BEWARE AT ALL TIMES.

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