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Had my surgery on sept 20. They put such huge teeth in my mouth it's almost impossible to talk.

I have a whistle, can't pronounce words correctly. The teeth stick out so far in the front My top lip have deep lines in it from stretching over them. I look 5-10 years older. My mouth doesn't close properly its real hard to close my lips.

I haven't sleep for more than 3 hrs at a time since my surgery because of the huge teeth are so uncomfortable my mouth won't close & gets really dry. They forgot to give me my prescription for nausea I threw up for 13 & a half hours starting in there office My smile is so ugly I can't look into a mirror. Can't believe I paid them $58,000 for this.

I totally regret going to clear choice. I went to the one in Portland oregon

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If I had it to do over again. I would NOT have it done by Any doctor that is not a member of the ADA.

If any thing goes wrong. You need the ADA to turn to.

They require there members to give higher quality care than any state dental board does. Good luck!!


Wow...these comments are awful. Is there anyone that is satisfied with the work " Clear Choice" did??

I just came from a consultation today. Thought I'd check on the reviews before I finalize an appointment to have the work done one one tooth. I'm having second thoughts. Normally I check reviews first.

Glad I did before I committed. Will definitely let them know why I'm changing my mind.

I went to the ClearChoice office in Atlanta on Piedmont Rd. Any comments on that office as if date 02/18/19?


I’ve spent $21K and Clear Choice still wants another $7K to give me my permanent full set of upper teeth.Again, this is for my upper teeth only.Please believe me and the all the other victims...you can read my story in detail but I’m the one trying to lead a class action against these horrible doctors & corporation. I’m not an attorney but I have spoken to over ten former or current patients...all life changing our quality of life for the worse!Pain and migraines EVERY DAY!!Buyers be ware !Those who want to join me in the legal process please contact me directly -Samantha T.972.955.9200


Are they able to make u a different denture that the theeth would fit. They do look a little big.

But when they are uncomfortable that’s even worse.

Did you try complaining to them and asking if they could help you. My teeth look OK I’m having implant problems for some reason they keep having bone loss around them and I don’t understand why


I complained about how they looked and felt from the start. Dr Sam didn't pay any attention to me until he saw this review.

Then Dr Sam told me "he couldn't give me the smile I paid for. But he wanted to try to fix it.

He looked me in the eye & shook my hand told me "were in this together"

Then clear choice sent me a letter telling me to find a new dr to finish the job.

I have a great dr now But there's not a lot he can do.

Dr Sam placed the implants in my mouth to fit the huge teeth he made. My mouth is a lot smaller. I'll have to live with his careless design forever (until they fail)

We are working on my permanent teeth now. I'll post a pic when we're done.

This hidous parriot fish smile is the best Dr Sam can do. It's really sad he didn't care what he was doing to me before.

But what he's (& clear choice) done since is unforgivable. Clear choice corporate doesn't care either.


I'm so sorry to hear what CC has done to you. My story is the same.

My mouth was ripped from edge to edge. Because they were to big for my mouth. I couldn't stand to look in the mirror for a long time. Half of my face was dropping.

I looked 10years older. My mouth leaks out of the edges. The breaks have happened over and over. When they break the material that is being used is like glass.

It has ripped my tongue and inside of my mouth. I'm in horrible pain as we speak. I really pray something should be done to stop them.

Please people lets do something to stop clear choice! Hope you resolve your problem and I'm praying things get better for you.

@Rose Zimmerman

Sorry to hear about your story. I would like to talk with you my email is



Where did u go the second time


Hello I am to curious where you went the second time? I am suppose to go forward with clear choice for upper and lower full denture replacement.

But after reading several reviews I want to explore positive options. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you so much.

@Alley Stang

I'm not sure yet my case is extreamly messed up. I have an apt with a man in Salem or.

I will let you know. Clear choice is the worst thing I could have done. They ruined my quality of life. The damage is not fixable.

The look of my smile may improve but not my speech. The 2 huge food traps Ill have I'm my mouth for the rest of my life are a real pain to deal with. I must use my water pic after every meal or snack. Food remains hanging under it until I do whitch is extreamly annoying.

Good luck to you. If I had it to do over don't think I'd chose implants at all.


If you put it on a credit card dispute the charges and return the teeth! I did and got a full refund and a great set from another dentist for one fourth the charge.

@Nicki Paulson

Who did you go to? If you are happy now,please share that information. Thank You

@Raul Roque De Leon

I went to Dr Ronald J Levine. I'm not happy with him at all.

I have 2 screws that do not engage he ignored them. Lucky for my I did not let him give me permanent teeth.

Those 2 implants would have failed. Im getting my care done in the state of Washington now.

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