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I had 26 teeth pulled for full dental implants with a promise that I would have teeth for the rest of my life! I put $40,000 up front and it cost me an extra 15,000 in travel 6 years down the line.

I had lost a screw kept trying to get an appointment finally months later I go in they sent in a dental technician that was an experience in brand new to the company and the doctor informed her to put the screw in nice and tight she put it in so tight that it turned my head on the last twist of her tool I replied ouch that hurt and she says oh I'm sorry I was scheduled for another week later to have my second set of plates they gave the same girl to me and she couldn't get the screw-on done she calls for help from one of the experienced technicians and she tried to unscrew the screw and couldn't do it and she said oh my gosh who's put this screw in and the other young lady replied I did it was my first one she finally gets the screw-on done tells me to rinse my mouth and out comes the implant needless to say I was scheduled for another surgery they put the dental implant in the same spot so when I went back for my appointment and they started drilling I could feel him drilling through the back side of my nose since this has happened all of this happened I've had two brain aneurysms cause dental implant mess up and yet today my bottom plate on both sides the bat teeth have broken off and I have an implant exposed cutting up my mouth I called last week and they still have not look at my chart or giving me an appointment I'm fit to be tied $55,000 later and 6 years and I still don't have a full set of teeth how long do I have to wait it's not like they can give me back my natural teeth the doctor took it upon himself to put the center of my teeth off offset from what was originally in my mouth The doctor replies to me well your nose is crooked so I offset it to counterbalance it and if you by chance get a nose job everything will be straight! Not only was I insulted and a decision was made without my knowledge that practically seems irreversible I need restitution and justification I want my teeth! Teeth are necessity it's not a vanity and where these doctors get off thinking that they are quote-unquote doctors their dentist and they need to be informed that teeth are necessity for a human being to live a healthy life! Healthy mouth healthy teeth!

And Clear Choice could give a rat's *** long as they get their money and these doctors hours that they keep that's *** a lot of people can't get there during the week if if they need to take a three-day weekend they should take the hit on one of those days. I want my teeth they refuse to give me my teeth so I can try to go to a different dentist it's been ongoing they're holding my teeth for ransom for what I don't owe them any money they owe me my teeth I've paid for them but yet they still won't give them back so I can go elsewhere! My stress level is through the roof and my brain aneurysms were from stress and the implant mess up on the right side most people are dead before they hit the ground with just one brain aneurysm and I had to second one was my main vein that goes to my heart my jugular vein I only expulse 20% of blood in and out of my heart to my brain when most people expulse 60% and that's when they discovered that I am suffering from broken heart syndrome! And broken heart syndrome is due to traumatic events in a person's life hope for the last six years Clear Choice has put me in an Uber amount of traumatic situations in 2014 is when I had my dental implants and we are now it 2019!

And I still have yet to have a full set of dental implants that I've paid for up-front $55,000 + I live on a fixed income travel time to Clear Choice is 3 and 1/2 hours I requested to move to a Clear Choice closest to me and that request was done last year and still no teeth my mouth is being cut up inside due to the exposed implant! Yours truly T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Clear Choice Cons: Unqualified staff, Poor quality of product, Poor quality product and lack of folliw up.

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