5900 Waterloo Road, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043, United States

Although this is a post for pissed-off comments - I have to say that my experience was nothing like those posted by others here. My full arch implants (which I got today) are awesome!

Drs. Paik, McIver, and Kim, are true experts in their fields! Everyone else there (patient consultant Heather C. and all the dental specialist were so friendly and caring).

I researched every option out there for >4mos (countless websites, YouTube vids, and professional periodicals - as well as my own periodontist/ dentist) and no other option came close to the professional experience, quality of materials, value and focus on patient care as the CC Columbia, MD office!

Yes, you have to pay up front but they offer 0 % financing for 2yrs! Can’t beat that anywhere else...

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Maybe I would beleive your story if I saw your reseat. It sounds like totall BS.


Not BS. I’ve had the final(zirconia) upper &lower in for a year now and LOVE it!

Can eat everything I want. Sorry for those who had a bad experience with their implants but as for me, and several others I spoke with (before I signed up) who had it done, could not be happier with the way they turned out.


Went to one of there free seminars. When I explained that I am recently divorced and was not in a position to shell out $35,000 for some uppers, they lost all interest.

This is a money grab business.

They make promises they cannot fulfill. Stay far away, because the snake oil is real.


Be thankful you didn't have the money. Unfortunately I was able to pay.

Should have walked away with zirconia teeth for $58,000. (be worry free for the rest of my life LOL). I'm out over $80,000. I had to settle for the cheap teeth.

I have to eat a very soft diet. I have constant pain. I look 15 years older and my lips are still wrinkling more everyday. I went to the Portland Oregon location.

The surgeon is good I thank god for that. But Dr Sam is not.

He removed my entire gums (my mouth is a flat hole with 8 pieces of metal sticking out) this is done to make his job easier. He still could NOT do a good job.

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