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A while back, there was an actress (clearly not a customer) in one of the Clear Choice ads. She said her teeth were all yellow and it bothered her for her kids to see them, so she had Clear Choice replace them.

Lo and behold, lately she's back in another Clear Choice ad, saying that her teeth were missing, had fallen out. I guess the Clear Choice teeth they gave her didn't last very long.

Bad actress, bad ad and a really bad indication for their product. Couldn't they afford another actress?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I saw add and lady with short hair looks like the dentures/teeth are WAY too big for her mouth. I find it off putting, like horse teeth!


Ogle this, unless she had a *** job the same time she got her teeth, there's no way anyone ever noticed her smile.


Anybody find out Ann’s last name?


Oh yea Ann is hot. Those have got to be DD’s.


The dentist holds up two hands open palms. Just after Ann? Walks down hall with a tight looking sweater ...ahh they pulled that part out of the ad


I'm trying to find out the last name and contact information, if possible, of the fantastic looking Ann in the Clear Choice commercials.


whats her last name ???????


So you’re going to troll her


Is she the one with the monster breast in the blue shirt?


Yes !


whats her name ?????


It's unbelievable that so many people have so little to do that they spend their time running their gums and insulting people they don't know online, like a 7th grade girls locker room full of pre-pubescent snots. Grow the *** up!

And "Ann" the middle-aged lady in Clear Choice commercials is flat out LOVELY to behold.


She’s kinda hot and built like a truck


if we're talking about the older lady, I haven't paid any attention on how she sounds. She's a hottie to me!!!

@Re. Will

Her bressts are quite ample


The woman in the ClearChoice commercial who says that she "will always have this smile, always!" may want to re-think her praise of this company. The teeth are way too big for her mouth, her speech is extremely awkward, and is the horse teeth look really what she was going for? This commercial would definitely dissuade me from ever considering Clear Choice if this woman is a "positive" outcome.


They need to make up theirs mind. Yellow or missing teeth. She is a pretty woman either way.


I think she is quite attractive. Her husband is a lucky man. She has a fantastic body and is a total hottie!


I can't help but quench everytime I hear that commercial it sounds like she's still getting used to wearing false teeth . It sounds as if she has a speech impediment you think they would have review the commercial before they actually put it on TV . As you said I will actually have this smile forever and ever I just hope we don't have to keep listening to her for ever or ever


She can't even speak clearly and sounds like there's cotton in her mouth. Her face is stuck in a permanent smile and her mouth doesn't move when she speaks.

Spend thousands of dollars to end up like that? There couldn't be a worse "example" of a company's work!

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