I'm sorry my first contribution to Pissed Consumer was entered as "Anonymous", but I have never gone to Clearchoice, but was only commentating on their TV commercial. But I am not surprised to see complaints about money and materials.

Any company that would advertise genuine, bonafide, industry standard dental implants in one appointment is capable of many other deceptions.

I said that the only thing you get in one day is the final crown(s). This after months of gum cutting, membrane packing, stitching, implant setting and healing, one still has to get impresions taken, crowns made, and finally, on that one Glorious Day, the Final Crown Mounting & your done!

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I just want missing teeth replaced missing teeth probably would cost me about $3,000 anybody know.


I had all my work done in one day and I ABSOLUTELY love them and the center I went to. All were very professional and answered every question honestly. I would recommend ClearChoice to anyone who ask.


I agree with the anonymous, as I have done myself a dental implant took almost 6 months for x-ray to crown. I am not sure how clear choice would do everything in one day. Some body needs to look into their commercials.


Do u really need to scare the *** out of us

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