Everything was great. Service @ receptionist.

Communications great with bone doctor Dr. Niggebergg. Everything was great with Dr. Morris.

The 1st Bridge cracked, no problem fixed shortly after.

Upon 1st permanent bridge with titanium bar quality dropped.

Mentioned to dr morris, quality/ Aesthetics was better with temporary bridge.

That upset him, reply was well there not real teeth angerly. No problem, so he trims some bulk off the pallet of the bridge, which was clearly still visible after. No problem. After some communications I decided to upgrade to zirconia in which as explained could be contoured better due to strength.

No problem, 5k more paid.

Here the problem, I requested that my 2 k9 teeth on the bridge be a little more prominent than on old bridge. Dr morris, gladly expected input. When I received that was not done. No problem on my end, so he offered me 1k back in return for lite error, upon signiture.

I was terminated for clear choice. 3 years later everything is fine.

Here the long-problem. With this kind of speciality dental work, when there is a problem you can't jus go anywhere for service which can for some become a major major dental problem and even life threatening infection.

I got a major tooth ache after my covid 19 vaccine, on a tooth I never had problems from.

In short, I went to another dentist for examination, I know my body, eventually the pain went away, but have no one to call on in a situation like so. Is extremely, scary.

I'm taking it to dental board and court, for simple ethics, not money.

User's recommendation: Know you doctor.

Location: North Hollywood, California

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