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I see these ads for clear choice dental implants on TV daily. I was interested in receiving baseline info, such as COST!

All I find is how great they are, how simple it is. Why not be upfront and give an average estimate? Not interested in a sales pitch! Glad I checked.

Received nothing but BS, no facts. I am glad I checked the product reviews by consumers. They give the facts and from what I read they are not good. No more thinking about clear choice.

Just another large company making money by praising themselves. I should have known better. The ads hook you. If it sounds too good to be true then it is certainly false.

At least I now know.

Knowledge is power. Research the companies and the service they claim to provide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

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Typical of companies that can afford to advertise that much.


I understand your point, please do your research That is all


To Anonymous,,,, OBUMMER inc.?


I understand that everyone is different and costs will vary but it would be so helpful to have a ballpark figure to even consider the option of implants.


Company reminds me of a president i know. Trying to make money by praising himself while being a minamally acceptable.


Why don’t you keep politics out of it and provide information that patients can actually use in the decision making process.

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