I went to Clear Choice Tysons Corner, VA in August 2016. First, the explanation of the sales man was not very clear.

I am not in the dental field, therefore I wanted to be convinced that for all the money they were asking I was going to receive a service that I was going to be happy with and worth the price I would pay for it, but the sales man was about to cell teeth and that was it. Everything went wrong. 1- The called me stating that I was schedule for surgery, when I had not signed or compromised myself with them at that point. Eventually I went back since my husband insisted on it.

2- I am a female with a females name, but they had me as a male in the records. 3- My teeth were removed and the temporary denture was implanted. I woke up and got to my house to find out that the temporary teeth were around half of an inch in from the my front lower teeth and completely outside from teeth on the side. 4- I went the following business day to have it fixed and I found a Dr.

with and attitude because he didn't want to move them, but I made him do it. He was who implanted them, but I didn't know since I was asleep. 5- A week or so later I went back because I was biting my tong and inside chics since the teeth on the side were not aligned therefore I was not able to chew properly. So, I had to deal with the same unprofessional Dr.

with an attitude telling me that he couldn't do anything about it and that they were placed like that on purpose. That I had to wait 4 months for the permanents teeth so the issue could be fixed. He left and immediately a nurse came by telling me she was going to apply the anesthesia (I was the wrong patience). 6- Same day before I left the building I went to see the sales man since I had enough of that unprofessional Dr.

and so many mistakes on their part. What did I do that for?? The sales man put the last drop in the cup when he told me that I should be happy because at least my teeth looks better. My answer to him was that after paying over $11,000.00 all I was needing was not to be able chew with the fake teeth, while I was able to do with my natural ones with no problem, nor to have to put up with his or the Dr.

lack of professionalism and customer service.

I went somewhere else to have the work completed. After that experience I would not recommend Clear Choice to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clear Choice Cons: Terrible customer service, Poor job quality.

Store Location: 8219 Leesburg Pike #100, Vienna, VA 22182, USA

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