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I cant believe that after having shelled out close to 50,000 ... I would be here today.

The commercials make it seem so simple, a full set of teeth in a single day! They all say. Youll never look back once the teeth you have give you confidence....etc blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you, two months post op-and Im eating WORSE than when I had NO BACK TEETH AT ALL.

Before coming to Clearchoice, I only had my front teeth left. Although they were straight and whatnot, they were on the *** of destruction due to bad genetics. I wanted to be proactive since I was already having such trouble eating and my smile is so very important to me. I take pride in my body, and self.

I had a procedure done in 2007 which requires me to chew my food to tiny little pieces. As you can imagine, this is nearly impossible when you have no back teeth. Sometimes Id swallow the food when it was still too large and it would lodge in my throat and often I risked choking to death. Many times, Id barely get the food down, only to have it come back up ten minutes later, gagging me and making me sick from the experience.

This played a part in my teeths deterioration because of the stomach acids which would accompany the food I often choked back up. Keeping food down became an actual chore. Eating no longer was something I care to do often, if ever. Before I knew it, I found myself just avoiding meals all together.

Inadvertently, I was starving myself. I tried tackling the dental problem through my insurance the past two years and had over 20 root canals and crowns down and practically spent every waking minute at the dentist office. The last two years were spent in a dentist chair getting drilled on for up to three and a half hours at a time. Eventually, I actually looked forward to my visits because each time I left, I did so feeling better than before.

It was a small step closer to having what I hoped would someday be perfect teeth. Unfortunately, That dream would never come to pass. I wound up here, and I should have waited longer because the money my father spent feels wasted. Fifty fing grand!

And at that insane price, youd think it would come with at least SOME perks. I have never had a worse sedated surgery in my life. And I have had a few massive/serious surgeries. What is even worse, Im now two months post op-and I cant talk right still, I constantly bite my tongue and inner cheeks and my mouth is always sore/swollen and bleeding.

People cant understand me when I talk. Ever. I always have to repeat myself and when I do, I often bite my tongue because I have a massive overbite from them screwing in the temporary teeth wrong. At least thats how I feel because surely, they wouldnt have done this on purpose?!?

(Could they really have Given me an over-bite....intentionally? No way!) before I avoided talking to people out of fear they would see my missing back teeth. Now I avoid it because I sound like I have a speech impediment and it hurts like *** each time I bite down on my mouth/cheeks/tongue. Its never been able to heal and is in a state of constant swole.

I know that a mistake has been made. And since my permanent teeth have not been finished yet, Ill be damned if Im going to talk to the office myself. Thats all I need is to *** them off while theyre making my permanent grill! Ya right.

I should be happy and smiling. Instead Im crying and miserable and in agony. I have no medication for the pain. Ive been left to suffer now because its going on the third month now.

Like this is even fair!!?! The money I could have spent somewhere else where they guarantee my satisfaction! Seriously, those places DO EXIST! And if youre not stuck like I am, do yourself a favor and look for a place that backs their work.

I would not recommend this place because I have been totally traumatized by what all they did to me. Especially during the procedure, and I wont even get into that right now, I dont want to scare anyone by mentioning what all goes down, when they work on you. And at the very least, when a customer tries to reach out, it shouldnt be like pulling teeth to get a hold of a manager! Ive been trying for months and no one seems to care to respond to an email or call.

If managers are reading this, someone high up on that corporate ladder-I want to speak to you regarding my terrible experience because you seriously need to know what all went down, what all I went through and you need to be made aware so that no one else has to suffer the eta I have been forced to suffer these past few months during what should have been an experience full of thankfulness for having the teeth/full set to chew with-and sure, of course any surgery is going to be uncomfortable, painful, whatever-but the type of pain that should be felt is the kind that lessens daily, certainly mostly gone by the three month mark -and while its a somewhat painful experience....the silver lining should always bring (mostly) gratifying feelings...- leaving behind a notion that can only be described as totally worth the pain, &;;;;;;;;;;;; an almost relieved, varying and a sort of settled set/array of emotions. This is nowhere near settled, and Im almost frightened to see what lies ahead for me in regards to my dental fortune.

User's recommendation: Don’t be in a rush! Check out ALL options.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Clear Choice Pros: Team specializes in what they do, Have office locations throughout cali.

Clear Choice Cons: Expensive, Dont work with insurance at all, Managers are impossible to reach when you have a problem, Money, No financing.

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I agree.


Extracting all the teeth and removing so much good bone is a very radical solution and should be done rarely. When you go to someone whose only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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