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I had my implants done with ClearChoice Dallas. When I had them done the Dr was Dr.

Hanife Canan Bayraktaroglu AKA Dr. Bay. I saw her for 3 minutes total before the surgery. Then after the surgery when I was throwing up because they did NOT listen to me about Pain medicines and how I do not handle them well she came in to also see why my Blood pressure was extremely high.

The new Doctor, Dr Roxanne I have seen 3 to 4 times for a total of 3 to 4 minutes. Dr. Roxanne seems to be a much better Doctor than Dr. Bay.

Dr. Bay did not like the fact I told her my teeth stuck out to much. I am the Patient. She said they do not and argued with me.

She was an incredible fake and stuck up person. When you first go into ClearChoice their sales teams are experts. You are celebrated! They act like they really care about you as a person.

Your financing comes through, you get your surgery done , Hopefully Alicia and the surgery people listen if your sensative to pain meds. I will say the people who do the follow up visits are really good and polite. So after the money is spent and the surgery is done you ARE JUST A NUMBER! They really could care less.

I have had my permanent teeth in for months. I was supposed to have a 30 day follow up. They could not fit me in to their schedule. No 30 day follow up.

I will see them when I go to pay to have my teeth cleaned. Also, 150.00 0r 250.00 for a piece of plastic , a mouth guard that protects your teeth while you are sleeping. I already spent 50,000.00, yes that is $50,000.00 and I get one Plastic mouth guard. Any extras the 150 0r 250 applies.

Robbery! Just ridiculous. You are just a number. Clear Choice Dallas could care less about you after they have your money.

They should refund my visit money for the 30 day follow up they can't get me in for, or give me a couple of the plastic Mouth guards. Do your home work. I wish I had, but it is too late. There are MUCH BETTER AND PROFESSIONAL choices out there.

A friend went to Archpoint. I wish I had.

You will be just another Number at ClearChoice. You will learn how fake the sales people truly are and 90% of the staff.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: a 30 day follow up, extra mouth guards.

Clear Choice Pros: Teeth eventually.

Clear Choice Cons: Very poor service, Over charge you for teeth guards, Very expensive, You are just a number, Very fake salespeople and doctors.

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Yeah I know they wanna charge 300 dollars for a 2 dollar mouthpiece. I can get a 10 dollar football mouthpiece at walmart that I boil and bite on and it conforms to teeth as well or better than their $300 one.

Clearchoice is a scam. I’m out 55k


Clear choice corporate does not care either Once you pay you are screwed.

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