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***If 20 or more patients or victims ban together and sue - its considered a class action lawsuit and will receive more priority in the legal system.*** I am a current 'patient' with Clear Choice (Dallas) and received a warm welcome when I first started my journey replacing my upper teeth about a year ago. I should have known this was a bad financial decision (which has caused physical harm on my quality of life) when I was woken up out of anesthesia during my procedure "4" times and left ALONE while I was under?!

Then to have bite marks on my left hand which caused blood & bite marks on my body?! Who was watching me while I was under anesthesia?! Now, add that I am struggling with memory issues at age 40!? I have paid over $20K CASH (out of my savings) to Clear Choice and struggle with unknown sharps of pains in my gums, poor workmanship as my left molar has since broken off as I was eating a Flintstone vitamin?!

And so forth as others have reported. Then they still want another $7K to complete the set?! No way!! I have been calling for over a month and the primary doctor who treated me is relocated to San Antonio (over 6 hours away).

I have an appointment next week with the principal doctor; however, the office has been hammering for the additional cash when I have been so unhappy?! The expectations were not clear and I really was not educated on what to and what not to expect from this process but it has not been a good experience and we are currently considering our legal options. During my research, I have found this website and reviewed the other patients' feedback and see a lot of similar poor business practices that have impacted my poor experience and left me in this horrible, uncomfortable and broke (literally) circumstance. Please contact me directly if this sounds familiar or you have experienced anything as I have as I believe (sadly) that there needs to be a lawsuit to assist patients / clients indemnify their losses at (972) 955-**** or info@***.com I am not an attorney - but I am an American and know these major corporations' are taking use average Americans to the cleaners - mentally, physically and financially.

What's wrong is wrong and what is right is right! Samantha T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Clear Choice Cons: Overall experience and treatment, Being lied to about how much it was going to cost, Post surgery follow up, Reviews i read by some of their customers.

Location: 9101 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75231, United States

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This "class action lawsuit" has been up for almost 4 years. Obviously not the best place for anyone needing real help.


I have been missed treated and abandoned by Clear Choice Daly City. They won’t even answer my calls corporate clear choice has blocked my number as well.

The temporary they gave me broke I have not had solid food since January 11 I am missing four teeth on the prosthetic. I have another dentist who is willing to fix. They won’t even tell me the name of the hardware system they used for my implant so they can take the broken teeth out of my mouth. Corporate Clear Choice has blocked my my number.

I am in great pain and the sharp edges of the prosthetic are tearing my mouth apart, it’s bloody and sore. I wish I could enclose a picture I don’t see an opportunity for that in this app. Be very wary about the dentist you choose for an implant.

I have spent thousands of dollars and nearly 1000 hours trying to troubleshoot this. Do you‘s people are mean spirited and have no compassion unless they see the dollars coming out of your pockets.


I am being jerked around by Clear Choice in Fort Mill, S.C. I am 6 months post surgery and my surgical temps have broke 4 times already.

When this happens my 4 front teeth of the plate falls out of my mouth. The remaining apparatus cuts my top lip to shreds. I live 2 hours away from this office.

They take the same old pieces and glue them back together and insert them back into my mouth. I paid $27,000 and this is what I get.


You all should not be considering a Class Action as that only benefits the lawyers. Find a dental malpractice lawyer and file a claim.

Remember there is a statute of limitations. I am a dentist and would be willing to consult with the lawyer to see if there was any malpractice. Please make sure that you first adequately given options before removing all your teeth. The risks, pros and cons, of going through the procedure.

Did you seek or get a consultation from a periodontist to see if all the teeth were hopeless?

I have been doing implants for over 35 years and they are not predictable, no matter what anyone says. Removing all your teeth is irreversible and if implants fail, you better be prepared to wear dentures.


My name is Deninez moss I am filing a complaint against Clear Choice. Like most of you I saw an ad on tv regarding dental implant and I was impressed that this company would help me replace a missing tooth that I needed in order to chew my food.

I was impressed by the in person presentation and was eager to have this procedure done. I began this process November2019 and I am presently being treated by them after my post op sinus surgery . The surgeon who did my extraction and prepping for the tooth was nice however after having an extraction and him going into my sinus cavity to build up the bone for the implant which was a problem from the onset. I had to return because the upper left tooth bone implant never healed.

I had to go back in January 2030 to have them put stitches in the area of the bone graft. I waited 8 months to have the tooth put in only to be told that the surgeon who was supposed to oversee the tooth implant had relocated to another office. In July 2021 I had several appointments to put the implant in however the new doctor told me they sent the wrong part so I had to wait another month. I should have known something was wrong as I began to have infections after infection and pus drainage from my nose.

I sought the advise of an ent doctor who has been treating me for the last few months with breathing issues pus drainage and tooth pain . I have difficulty breathing out of . The ent doctor attempted to do a sinusplasty however I had severe inflammation in my nose so I had to have sinus surgery. October 1, 2021.

I am presently healing from the surgery. After the surgery I noticed that I had a sever pain in my left tooth a tooth next to the implant I went to clear choice demanded I see the surgeon and let her know what I’ve been going through she took an X-ray and indicated the bridgework next to the implant is infected and I would need to extract that tooth and go thru the procedure again of getting a implant at a cost of 7,200. I was appalled and angry and left the office vowing never to return. I am now seeking to find a dentist to remove the infected tooth.

Clear choice is nothing but a sham and they are taking people hard earn money and producing poor quality of work.

I regretted the day that I went to them because I have not had any of these issues until getting my first dental implant. I am willing to join any class action law suit as I am presently still suffering emotionally and financially from this procedure.


How do I participate in a class action law suit against Clear Choice?


A note to Karin Beach Jackson: After long deliberation about teeth that were costing lots of money, I decided on Clear Choice. at $55000.00 reduced to $52500.00 for cash.

Went through all of the gracious, friendly consultations then decided to lay down the $52500.00 and have all my teeth extracted and implants. Long story, lots more later. Finally, after being put-off months ... my 'first phase' appointment was 9/20/2021(yesterday).

All pleasant beginning that ended in a truly horrifyingly painful and fearful doubt that the Doctor AND Dentist were INADIQUATE ! now; I have to bear the pain and fear of what to do or where to go as this operation culminates in health/life threatening condition."soft food" is what I was repeatedly told but, since Monday 9/20, I have discovered, with the plates that were so poorly made and I stalled, no nutrition can pass my mouth unless it's pureed or liquified ... FOR 3 MONTHS ?! consequently, I AM most interested in The Class Action Suit against Clear Choice Corperation !

Meantime; there is a Dr.Epstein in San Rafael who offers free consultations / 2nd opinions. I fearfully don't know what to do ...

or where to go with NO TEETH !? bhr3825@***.com


I agree, I'm with you.


We got the same issues teeth breaking *** company would like to join the lawsuit can be reached at radicalracers69 @***.com name is Fred


Hey a pt in Atlanta omg I paid 50 thousand dollars upper and bottom Contact me lisagayle0909****@***.com We need to talk 770-597-****


Getting second set of permanent teeth in Sept. These are making chew marks on sides of inside cheek. I will let everyone know once I get new set.


I will let you know my final set as well coming soon.


I wish these stories could be published in AARP magazine and local newspapers, so everyone would know not to use them. I will now be into my second set of zirconia bottom teeth in 6 more weeks due to improper bite and infection on inner left cheek.

Almost 2 years. Now that I know it is not only me, if problem is not fixed, yes there will be a law suit. I will have my lawyer (son and daughter) read so they know I am telling the truth. My daughter wanted her law firm to look this info up but I told them to wait.

I am now glad to know that I am not the only one. There are probably thousands who don't even know there are others like us.


Just the cheeks huh? Try living with permanently disfigured lips due to the eye teeth being so sharp that even just swallowing I would bite my lips to the point of blood every time, and sore cheeks too.


So far they have not been able to adjust preventing bite marks on left cheek. Said silver implant can show which I do not think is correct from everything I have read.

Tip of tong is red. Should not be. I feel they are blaming me since they are having the problem fixing bite.

Going again tomorrow Has been 1 3/4 months. November w/b 2 years.


I have started a complaint for a class action lawsuit against Clear Choice Corporate. I am asking anyone who has had an issue with Clear Choice to please send me your name, phone number or email address, Clear Choice location and a write-up of your individual complaint (including how this has effected you personally and financially).

My Attorney will be contacting you individually for more information as this progresses. My email is beachjackson@***.com, my email ends with aol.com and my name is: Karin Beach-Jackson User's recommendation: Join me in this Class Action Lawsuit.

@Zamiya Izc

Clear Choice suck blood for a living

@Zamiya Izc

My wife had dentures and was worried about bone loss in her jaws. We also received a warm and fuzzy welcome from their finance department.

We were promised that the $40,000 we would spend would be well worth it and save us trips to have her dentures repaired. Her permanent implants were installed early 2018. Eleven time since then we have been back to Clear Choice (a 40 mile trek one-way)for repairs. My wife has missed a lot of work because of this.

Basically she has a mouth full of peices glued together. Their recommendation is to get upgraded implants at a cost of $40,000. I am very dissatisfied and would join a class action lawsuit in a heartbeat! .Back at Clear Choice, St.

Louis,MO My wife's implants have broken a dozen times in 3 years. They've talked her into upgrade at a cost of $12000.

robertagers@***.com Robert Agers 314-574-**** 1616 Rolling Hills Dr St. Clair, MO 63077

@Robert A Evc

I have the same problem

@Zamiya Izc

I would like to join the law suit. I have had a horrible experience with clear choice in The Woodlands Tx

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