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***If 20 or more patients or victims ban together and sue - its considered a class action lawsuit and will receive more priority in the legal system.*** I am a current 'patient' with Clear Choice (Dallas) and received a warm welcome when I first started my journey replacing my upper teeth about a year ago. I should have known this was a bad financial decision (which has caused physical harm on my quality of life) when I was woken up out of anesthesia during my procedure "4" times and left ALONE while I was under?!

Then to have bite marks on my left hand which caused blood & bite marks on my body?! Who was watching me while I was under anesthesia?! Now, add that I am struggling with memory issues at age 40!? I have paid over $20K CASH (out of my savings) to Clear Choice and struggle with unknown sharps of pains in my gums, poor workmanship as my left molar has since broken off as I was eating a Flintstone vitamin?!

And so forth as others have reported. Then they still want another $7K to complete the set?! No way!! I have been calling for over a month and the primary doctor who treated me is relocated to San Antonio (over 6 hours away).

I have an appointment next week with the principal doctor; however, the office has been hammering for the additional cash when I have been so unhappy?! The expectations were not clear and I really was not educated on what to and what not to expect from this process but it has not been a good experience and we are currently considering our legal options. During my research, I have found this website and reviewed the other patients' feedback and see a lot of similar poor business practices that have impacted my poor experience and left me in this horrible, uncomfortable and broke (literally) circumstance. Please contact me directly if this sounds familiar or you have experienced anything as I have as I believe (sadly) that there needs to be a lawsuit to assist patients / clients indemnify their losses at (972) 955-9200 or info@robustfinancial.com I am not an attorney - but I am an American and know these major corporations' are taking use average Americans to the cleaners - mentally, physically and financially.

What's wrong is wrong and what is right is right! Samantha T.

Review about: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Overall experience and treatment, Being lied to about how much it was going to cost, Post surgery follow up, Reviews i read by some of their customers.

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I'm in on behalf of my 86 year old mother. Spent $40K 8 years ago and 4 redo's and more visits than I can count having to take her back and forth and its been nothing but a nightmare for her and me. She can't sleep at night and is now down to 107 pounds because she can't chew.


If a class action lawsuit is started, everyone affected will be notified, wait for a postcard in the mail, if your address is up to date. If your address isn't up to date then do that first!!! Only people with current contract information will receive notification of a lawsuit.


I’m in!! $30,500 in cash up front and still having problems they can’t fix


Help I am a mess and 45 k in the hole


5 years after this site was started and 9 months after help was promised, I doubt this is the place to look for reimbursement for my loss.


Sorry that Joanna lady is bothering you, you have helped me avoid clear choice. Thank you and hang in there

to Very Helpful #1565048

Funny Samantha

to Very Helpful #1565081

Fresno Texas, Samantha Thomas, your reputation is being ruined here.

to Very Helpful #1565774

You have issues Samantha, emailed you a million times, exaggerating much

to Very Helpful #1568077

Wait for the commercial, that is where the class action suit is, NOT WITH SAMANTHA THOMAS

to Very Helpful #1568094

Joanna isn't bothering her, she was rude and disrespectful to Joanna, sorry she if Samantha thinks she deserves better than she gave.


How many names are you going to use Samantha Thomas saying the same thing, you are showing psycho characteristics

to Huh #1565012

Joanna Holt

to Bye Felisha #1565051

Again, funny Samantha. Your email has been reported as spam. Leave me alone!


If a class action suit is filed then everyone affected will get a notice of it, Samantha Thomas isn't going to help anyone with her false promises.

to Joanna #1565008

Glad to see you are still aiming your anger at your situation on a complete stranger, who’s NEVER promised you or anyone ANYTHING; nor am I getting paid to gather everyone’s info. Focus your anger on the company, Denist and Clear Choice.

As I have now told you a million times after harassing me at my work email up to ten emails a day; PLEASE seek mental, medical and legal assistance in your local area. I would recommend you stop wasting your time making up silly profile names & focus that anger towards the office who you believe has done physical and apparently mental harm to you.

You are one nasty woman and I hope you can channel your aggression on those who deserve your evil words & your daily harassment. May God help you.

to Samantha #1565056

I can live with the teeth I paid for, can you?

to Samantha #1565073

I contacted you because you asked for it and you were as rude af, blame yourself for the negative feedback! Oh and by the way I have many friends that know about you and this website, I'm happy to see them on here.

to Samantha #1565089

Stop emailing me already

to Samantha #1568085

You are struggling with memory loss and bite marks, why are you looking for a class action suit, is there something else you want to share? Or did you forget.

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