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***If 20 or more patients or victims ban together and sue - its considered a class action lawsuit and will receive more priority in the legal system.*** I am a current 'patient' with Clear Choice (Dallas) and received a warm welcome when I first started my journey replacing my upper teeth about a year ago. I should have known this was a bad financial decision (which has caused physical harm on my quality of life) when I was woken up out of anesthesia during my procedure "4" times and left ALONE while I was under?!

Then to have bite marks on my left hand which caused blood & bite marks on my body?! Who was watching me while I was under anesthesia?! Now, add that I am struggling with memory issues at age 40!? I have paid over $20K CASH (out of my savings) to Clear Choice and struggle with unknown sharps of pains in my gums, poor workmanship as my left molar has since broken off as I was eating a Flintstone vitamin?!

And so forth as others have reported. Then they still want another $7K to complete the set?! No way!! I have been calling for over a month and the primary doctor who treated me is relocated to San Antonio (over 6 hours away).

I have an appointment next week with the principal doctor; however, the office has been hammering for the additional cash when I have been so unhappy?! The expectations were not clear and I really was not educated on what to and what not to expect from this process but it has not been a good experience and we are currently considering our legal options. During my research, I have found this website and reviewed the other patients' feedback and see a lot of similar poor business practices that have impacted my poor experience and left me in this horrible, uncomfortable and broke (literally) circumstance. Please contact me directly if this sounds familiar or you have experienced anything as I have as I believe (sadly) that there needs to be a lawsuit to assist patients / clients indemnify their losses at (972) 955-9200 or info@robustfinancial.com I am not an attorney - but I am an American and know these major corporations' are taking use average Americans to the cleaners - mentally, physically and financially.

What's wrong is wrong and what is right is right! Samantha T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Clear Choice Cons: Overall experience and treatment, Being lied to about how much it was going to cost, Post surgery follow up, Reviews i read by some of their customers.

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Please count me in. Just had mine done in Georgia and this is a nightmare of a scam!

I paid $32 grand and they want $19 grand more just to add molars .... nightmares of pain with ClearChoice


Count me in! I was lied to.

My email is independentabstract@aol.com. Tiffany


Do you need to be from the same state to be in on the law suit? I too paid 24k and 2 years later they bust why eating corn on the cob which they say you can eat.

I was told I have to pay another 4 thousand to get them fixed. It goes onto a longer story but this is the jest of it


Add me ! I am a mess thanks to them...4 years going on 5 my baby girl paid 1400 a month for 4 years!!

My teeth are not even connected on the top they are to big they don’t meet .. god help me


I went to them in Jacksonville, Florida and felt something was wrong with their price and thank God, I did not do this, $23,000.00. Thanks for your post, I will not use them..


I'm on board. Teeth look good, but for 2 miserable years, they are so uncomfortable!

It's just a constant pressure 24/7. Even in my sleep I feel them. I have been back so many times and nothing is working. I even had a lower molar pulled because Dr.

said its higher and it's a useless tooth & that could be the problem! I feel like ripping them out of my mouth!

Over $24,000! We refinanced our home for this crap!

Jennifer D

I'm on board for the class action, contact me at jldunn46@yahoo.com. Jennifer in California. I'm a senior on SS, now with a second on my house, and nowhere to turn.


I am in. Contact me at densonphotography@mail.com


My story is horrible 32thousand cash they want 20 more now they worked on me 4 hours awake I kept getting nose bleeds during he hit my sinuses in 4 hours only did top was supposed to be all in 1 day I was swollen in pain they did not answer went to er when they finally called they said they over nighted me ibuprofen 800 it never came nor did they have tracking number I was told no refund I was scared to go back I waited a month for ten day to months later went for bottoms it was even worse doctor cursed at me broke top teeth so had to take them out on top of bottom surgery again awake I paid to be put to sleep and for anastesialogist nope didn't get it that was 12 grand extra they didn't refund it I'm unhappy and in pain I'm contacting lawyer I have pictures and a recording I took a recorder bc I felt unsafe

Marion R

Hey Samantha, my wife is also proof of the same location nightmare for over $24k. I would be glad to join a class action against these ppl. My contact is 972 672 8491


I wish I was in Dallas, I’m in Nevada!!


I am also I victim of Clear choice. I went in for one tooth, which I only needed to tooth put on to finish, they convinced me to pull out all of my teeth, which were healthy.

I am 8 months with still the show teeth and under 100 lbs at 5’7. I am unable to eat. Why would any medical professional do this to a person? I paid over $48k and am wasting away!

My story goes on with being cursed at after surgery, you won’t believe the treatment...

now, lack there of. A horror story I would not wish I my worst enemy.


I think your full of crap and trying to get something for Nothing.


Agreed. It's so bad and sad to see them getting mad and angry for no reason.


You're 100 percent accurate. No employee or manager should have a customer that tries to start something with them or trying to get something for free. No employee or manager should deal with a mad and angry customer that lies and fabricates details.


Agreed with you and all of the others! And it is so bad and sad to see these entitled customers thinking these people are managers and employees when in fact were calling them out and confronting them for the way the act.

It's so bad and sad to see entitled customers thinking that is okay. No employee or manager should deal with any customer that acts like this.


100 percent accurate. It's so bad and sad to see any customer do this.


Yes. You're 100 percent accurate onto that.

These customers that act like this are so full of bs.

Thank you for sticking up for other employees and managers! No manager or employee should deal with this!


I now have the 4 upper front teeth missing. Started to fall out after 3 months.

I'd go back and they fixed it 2 times and then they wanted more money. Bogus company, all about the money.


I see the Clear Choice imbeds are still at it and trying to discredit patients.

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