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I made an appointment with Clear Choice, and afterward I felt so humiliated. It was a long train ride, to only leave no more Information, then what I walked in with.

Of course this after she ran my credit check.

Yo this day I don't really know the cost. She dismissed me right away, next.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stay away! This is a corporate owned business that is profit driven!

They have one solution for every patient ...take out all of your teeth...regardless if they need removed or not...place 4 implants on each arch and you leave with plastic teeth. All at the cost of $35,000+ per arch....most full cases...upper and lower teeth cost $75,000. After this...there is no follow up...I know one of the surgeons that places the implants. They use cheap materials that are purchased overseas and place profits ahead of care.

Once you pay and have the procedure they will not see you for follow ups. Buyer beware.


The best implants are Noble Bicocare. They are made in Sweden.

I attended a lecture the other day about implant failure. Failure rates are much higher than we have been led to believe- about 15%. When you construct a complete arch of teeth and attach it to only 4 implants, you are betting the farm on the implants.

If only one fails, the whole case goes down. Better to have removable dentures attached to implants, where things can be modified.


From what I'm hearingnits about $50,000.


I was thinking about it, wondering how much it would cost me. My credit is less than perfect, so I guess I am out.



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