I’ve been going through the process of getting full upper and lower implants at Clear Choice, Chicago. I have never worked with such wonderfully talented professionals.

I decided to go to Clear Choice after seeing their ads and reading about them online and based on what I saw and read, decided to go there for a consultation. I was impressed with the manner in which they work, paying very close attention to medical history, as well as how to proceed with me. Due to my personal medical history, my personal doctors did not want me sedated for this procedure. The clear choice doctors worked with me to individualize my procedure plan, tailoring it to my needs.

Drs. Neil Hagen and Anthony Palatto are totally amazing, as are their assistants. From my very first visit there, up to now, I have been impressed with the manner in which I have been treated and the care I have received. The ads you see on TV are true!

If you or someone you know are considering implants and outstanding workmanship, look no further. Clear Choice does it all. Using them is a decision you will not regret. I’d be more than happy to talk with anyone personally about my experience.

If you are interested, let Loni at Clear Choice know and she will give you my contact information. My only regret is not having this work done sooner. Look no further.

You will be in great hands at Clear Choice, Chicago! Ellen

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Clear Choice Pros: Dental doctors, I loved the people, Smile.

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I hav not been happy with them. I was told a life time warranty.

Two teeth broke at the 5 year and they charged $350 per tooth. So much for lifetime warranty.



"I’d be more than happy to talk with anyone personally about my experience." ?

This review sounded great up to this line. Who does that? A referral associate, that's who.


I'm on disabilities and on a fix income. Do clear choice will help me if I have Medicare or Medicaid.

If not where can I have my teeth a fix with out paying.

No county dentals please had a very bad experience with them. I only have like 8 teeth left, it's very hard for me to smile or eat


No, the taxpayers are not going to foot a $30,000 bill because you never took care of your teeth.


What if your disable and receiving ssi. With clear choice take Medicare or Medicaid.

If not how can we ever smile when were not so lucky having a good job. It's hard to pay for any dental work. If clear choice can't help us. Would they recommend some other dental service to get our teeth's fix with no cost!

No county dental, bad experience with them. Thank you Dora ramos

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