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The rich *** Rita in the Clear Care dental commercial has got to be the most self absorbed snob ive ever seen. What a horrable example. And people lied, your smile looked fake!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have major issues with my teeth but I don't have money or the credit to get done what I need I work in customer service and I cover my mouth whenever a customer comes into work I have very low self-esteem if you could please help me I have insurance through badger care but don't know if they would help me cover the cost..... could you please let me know if there is anything you can do for me my email is ceddiet.et@gmail.com please help me get my confidence back

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1302563

I agree, the fireman in the other commercial looks like "Bababooi" from the Howard Stern show. (If not familiar, his nickname is " horse tooth jack ***" , and "tatatoothy").

I can't believe they put those people on their commercials. If they think that is attractive, I'd hate to see the bad ones!!

Plano, Texas, United States #1180157

I have to agree on her smile looking fake, the teeth are TOO white. Even Farah Fawcett didn't have teeth that white.

And it looks like there's too many teeth. Strange. Wish they would show her 'before' picture. She strikes me as someone who wasn't born into wealth but married into it - hubby drives a corvette.

Glad he likes her smile and she can eat corn on the cob and steak.

One good thing - if the lights go out in their house all she has to do is part her lips, won't need no flashlight.


I just seen program on clear choice and thought how sad they talk for half hour about quality of life . Didn't say dang thing about cost financing qualifications.

They talked about thousands of people in AZ have used them but enough people in AZ with dentures to fill thjee stadium and phx having over 4 million people sad ratio of people need them and been treated. They are not scared of the pain it's the cost and rejection cause don't qualify for financing.

In the comercials you see all the people are rich snotty type or portra that image I'm ccomercial.

In one the lady says her husband even loves them as they drive off in a brand new corvette to me clear choice shows they cater to the rich and are willing to take without helping the lower and middle class have that smile saddens me ya have to have that much money to be given that smIle implants the vast majority off us wear partials or dentures cause that's all we can afford and many are paying for those still. Show in a comercials the average phx citizens getting implants financed how you were able to help in that aspect getting them financed not the rich in a vet or snop walking around the rich hills off Scottsdale paradise valley

to Anonymous #1402750

Feel blessed if you can't get them. I spent my savings and took out a loan.

Worst decision I've ever made. I have 2 huge food traps in my mouth. I have to use my water pic after EVERY meal or snack. My smile looks like a parrot fish squezed in in the back.

And when they fail (not if but when). I'm in for mega $$ to fix.

Clear choice is a scam. Sad they can be in business.

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