I had horrible teeth. I tried my best to not get cavities, but in the end, had to decide whether to get dentures or implants.

Saw the TV for ClearChoice and went in for a consult. Of course like most businesses, they promise you the world and rarely deliver. The cost was to be $30,000. Money is no object as I'm a legalized drug dealer (medicinal Marijuana) and for that cost, they had better be the best.

My experience was horrible. I was sedated and when I awoke, I had been violated.

I ran from the business and went to the police and a criminal investigation was launched. I cannot go into details (I had to get my implants done by another doctor) but I would not only do a medical background check, but also a criminal background check.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

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I think you're reviewing the wrong office here. I live in Western Massachusetts and was looking in to Clear Choice after seeing a commercial on CNN.

I did a google search for Clear Choice Dental in Massachusetts and the only result was the Falls Church office that I assume you're talking about. I called and they answered the phone "Choice Dental." I asked if they were "Clear Choice", the receptionist said they were, and they were more than happy to make an appointment for me.

I was suspicious though, because they didn't answer the phone "Clear Choice." So I double checked the google result. Sure enough, they're NOT "Clear Choice" but "Choice Dental" in Falls Church, MA.

I then went to the clearchoice.com website directly to find a local office--there isn't one. The closest offices are in Maryland and Virginia. I called their toll-free number just to be sure and they confirmed that they do NOT have offices in MA.

So although I can't go to ClearChoice because I'm not driving down to Virginia, I'll definitely avoid Choice Dental based on your review! Would you repost this as a review for Choice Dental, because that you were violated is important and people looking for reviews for Choice Dental won't ever know this!


There are some real wacko's in the medical profession. Health Stop in Everett, MA.

had a Indian practitioner that was violating women for years during gynecological exams and nothing was ever done about it.

Other hospitals to stay clear of are Leahy Hospital in Burlington, MA., Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Brighton, MA., Children's Hospital in Boston, MA., Tufts Dental in Boston, MA., Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, N.H. and Memorial Hospital in North Conway, N.H.

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