I lost a crown and decided to go CC having seen the Comercials first I paid up front big mistake made the appointment went in and found out it wouldn't be one day ok fine , can't get another one for like a month on this one the actually did work and it was horrible they used a hammer a freaking hammer any they get the tooth root out then I had to wait like two months for my next appointment go to this and they put the housing in and tell me another month till next appointment so I think cool I'll be getting the new crown. But no I apparently have a mold of mouth made so I inform them this process needs to end I'm leaving for CO.

in 2.5 weeks where I'm assured that it only takes a week make the crown , first week no crown second week no crown but now lots of excuses now I'm form them again I'm leaving soon where he promises it would be ready on the day I was to leave but it would only take a few min I remember this because I asked would it be safe to be on the in the middle of nowhere and they said no you should be fine . Day of trip no crown . Now 3 months later and bunch of phone calls and 3 new missing teeth because of lack of support I think I deserve a full refund and I'm going to get it !

I want them to know I wrote this so my name. Terrance Blackman

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Greeley, Colorado

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