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First off, Clear Choice, Please Be Ethical. Do The Right Thing And Help Me.

Stop Leaving Me In This Situation. Now, my All on 4 Review. Clear Choice in Dallas, has absolutely ruined my mouth as well as the quality of my life, while putting me in debt. It's been over a year and a half since the procedure.

The titanium bar does not align with the implant holes which causes continual pain, pressure and pulling (improper vertical match); the bridges dig into my soft tissue/gums and I have sores throughout my mouth continually; I have major speech impediments and lingual issues; occlusion does not match at all; difficulty in swallowing; still can only eat ice cream, jello and pudding which has affected my health as I am 5'6" and now 108 pounds. Trying to 'work with and communicate' with Clear Choice on repairing my issues is a '180 Degree' compared to when they made their 'sales pitch' and took my money. This whole process is, and has been, a Very Painful Experience. Shame on you, Clear Choice.

I beg of Clear Choice to stand up and do what's ethical. Deborah

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Please Read Review.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am the original poster, Deborah ... and still dealing with the problems that Clear Choice started.

I currently have NO TEETH in my mouth. I am now seeing a 'specialist' in Atlanta, GA. I live 6 hours away from this other Practice. I tried my hardest to work with Clear Choice, to no avail.

Yes, Dr. Ross sold it, and who knows who is in charge of the Dallas office now. I personally do not care.

I care that they ripped me off of over $42,000.00, and I STILL HAVE NO TEETH IN MY MOUTH. NOTHING.


Thanks for telling your story. I am supposed to go and see if they were going to be a place for me to get a"new mouth".

I am CANCELLING my appt. right now.PJ


Their TV Commercials are all a Huge Scam. There is absolutely NOTHING they can do in "a Day"


I foolishly signed on for the All on 4 Implants. First they BUTCHERED my mouth, then refused to give me any additional pain medication after the procedure.

The "Doctor" who owned the Company was informed, and he promised me he would be in the office with me throughout the entire procedure. The *** LIED.

M Donald Ross DDS SOLD the company! At this point I wish I had gone with individual implants, it would have saved me $4,000 Dollars.


I am so sorry this happened to you, but I appreciate that you shared. I was thinking about using Clear Choice- put you and others have steered me away.

Thank you for saving me from what could have been a terrible experience.

I will say a prayer for you. God bless.


This comment is SCARY that the issues of POOR QUALITY in the procedure has affected this customer daily wellness and the daily PAIN with the INSULT of having NO RESOLVE from the CLEAR CHOICE Dental Company - is TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!! CLEAR CHOICE does deliver a "Kinder,Gentler, Professional & - Customer Friendly FACE" on their TV commercials which is WHY I am researching their dental services. This complaint will probably make me SAY...This Dental Group is Definitely #NotCLEARCHOICE !!!


Thank you for sharing I will never step foot in the place. Thank you. Sorry that misfortune happened to you.

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