Clear Choice Dental Implant Center(s) present themselves professionally. They are well known four their one-day, total-mouth transformations.

I was excited to get my work done. My regular dentist had questions about the procedure(s) when I told him of my decision. I contacted Clear Choice and attached my dentists concerns so they could address my concerns. One of my requests was to be able to speak to a "live" patient who was a recipient of their miraculous "one-day" extreme makeover.

My request for live references has been totally stonewalled! Three calls to their office and three emails have been met with complete silence. This is an obvious refusal to provide me with any patients with whom I can speak candidly. Because of this action on their part, I can only go with the "thundering silence." It is speaking to me louder than any other testimonial.

If you plunk down $46,000 on anyone's table for professional services, I think asking for recent, live, references is a very reasonable request. They obviously have a reason for not wishing to comply.

I would not recommend having the most important part of your face reconstructed by anyone not wishing to be transparent. I'm going to go the longer route with a dentist who is concerned with my well being.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Location: Elk Grove, California

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we're they charging you that for upper and lower? I had upper and lower done in Jan 2015, still going through ***, had to remove an implant, due to it being bad, have a bottom denture now that fits over the implants because the appliance was so uncomfortable, lots of pain, and now having so many problems with the top, was going to just do a denture there to, and oh my the denture was the worst thing I've ever seen, didn't even stay in my mouth ,hurt terribly, I really think it was some one elses.

I am very depressed,I had good teeth removed, so that everything would match, it's been a nightmare for me. I come home from work and just cry every day, after talking all day my mouth just aches.

So go with your DENTIST, I'm sure he's not in it for the money. All I want is a confident and pain free smile, I don't feel like it's going to happen.


HIPPA is not a problem here. The office would ask for patients to volunteer to talk to others and those that did could say anything they like. of course the office would never give you the contact info for anyone they thought would give them a bad rating so this route might not be too helpful.


I would like to have testimonials from live patients who had the procedure as well. However, HIPPA laws make that pretty much impossible...

which is in favor for this Company. I am full mouth reconstructive/implant dental asst and regretted the day I worked for them. Their approach to the "All on 4" is very controversial in the dental field. Any time I asked questions regarding the procedure which were legit concerns..

I was treated and disciplined by the company. My first and only concern is the SAFETY of patients.. not how fast something can be done. I could go into so much detail but will not.

I just recommend to everyone.. get many opinions!!! An implant supported denture is a great dental procedure.. but using the proper amount of implants is KEY!!!

Less is not always Best!!!! I feel so bad for everyone who has had a bad dental experience.. I wish I could make you better ((hugs)) btw, I no longer work for that company..

it was a very brief job. I did not like their ethics one bit!

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