My life and mouth have been destroyed by clear choice dental implant center. Don't fall for their lies and empty promises.

Dont walk away...Run away and never look back. They are huge *** artists and to suck people dry at the expense off the peoples health, lives and bank accounts. They tell you what you want to hear and then they dont follow through.They don't care about whats best for you and once they get your money watch out. They tell you impnats and their "dentures" are better than real teeth.

Let me just say I am in more pain now than I ever was with my real teeth. Do whatever it takes to keep your natural teeth...root canals one at a time or what ever, but just know that their set up is the biggest crock I have ever seen.

Their implants and denture teeth are horrid and miserable and tastronomical amout of money they charge could be better put to use fixing your natural teeth. And believe me when I say there is nothing better than natural teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Location: Mcminnville, Oregon

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thats so not true!!


Wow. I am so sorry you had a terrible experience.

I have VA Health Care, and as a 100% disabled veteran, they also take care of my teeth. I had to have a molar pulled in 2004 because at the time I didn't have the $1,800. that a root canal would have cost me. In 2012, when the VA reassessed the extent of my MTBI, PTSD, and other wounds and injuries, I was given the 100% designation and was then eligible for dental care.

The dentist noticed right away I had a molar missing and he said I was a good candidate for an implant. The whole process took a bit over a year, but I have been very happy with it and have had absolutely no problems. It must just be the quality of care you got from ClearChoice (I am sorry to hear) but not the dental implant itself. There are quacks in every field, and I guess dentistry is no exception.

I hope you consult with an attorney and maybe you can get the whole thing straightened out in Court or through a settlement. Please don't just give up.


The only comment that isn't blab is the last sentence.


I have ben thinking of getting Clear Choice Dental Implant so before I go to get this done I thought I would do some Research on this Company and see what everyone has to say Good or Bad I need to read it so that I can decide if I would like to use them or not because Research is the best thing in the place of just walking in.

I have read a lot of People saying Great things about this Company and I have read a lot of People Complaining about this company as well and they say things like, I am well Educated Man or I am a CEO/BOSS for a major company, I wear nothing but the best when I dress and I have even seen post of People telling what they Drive ( what has that got to do with Teeth ) and they talk about how great they are as a person and what a Rip Off this company is, I think if you are as a Great a person as you say you are then you would not be Cursing and talking about anyone or any Company like some of you are, I am not talking about all of you I am talking about some of you so before you come after me for saying that maybe it would be better to read my post first.

95% of the Complaints that I have read so far is from people that can not even Spell or does not know how to use Spell Check, Maybe they do not know how to file a Complaint because they try to use words that do not even fit into what they are trying to say and I have seen a few so called words that are not even words and I saw a few post that even wondered off the subject at hand into something else all together and God only knows what they was trying to talk about because what they posted did not even have anything to do with Teeth, The so called words they did try to use was something they made up to look like a Big Shot and in the place of looking Smart they did the Opposite.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not a College Professor or a School Teacher or even a Scientist but I do have High School Diploma and a College Degree in Blueprints and Drafting along with a Special Welding Degree, This does not make me Smarter than you, This is how I made my living is with my hands not my Brains because I am not even close to being the Smartest person in the Family and I admit it.

I am not claiming to be Smarter than you are but if you are so Educated and such a Big Shot in your Company why is it you can not even Spell, Being so smart I would think you would know how to use Spell Check on your Computer or even online before you post you rant and rave and make yourself look ***.

I even read where one person said his Dentist Spent over 1 Hour looking around in his mouth trying to decide what to do ???, That along needed to ring the little Bell in your head if he is Looking around in your Mouth for over an Hour Trying to Decide what to do ? ( the important words to think about is where you said he is trying to decided what to do ) If you think about it and you have a Dentist poking around in your mouth for over an Hour then you may need to think about your dentist because this is what we call a Bill Moocher, He kills time just to run up a Bill talking and doing nothing because when a Dentist takes X-Ray and does an Exam it should take no longer than 35 to 45 minutes for everything tops and even with talking to you it should take no longer than 1 Hour to maybe 1 1/2 Hours.

The Big Question I have is where this person said this Dentist spent over an Hour looking in his mouth and he paid him to fix his teeth why is he looking at getting some other Company or Person to do the work in the place of his Dentist he had do the last work and if the Dentist Fixed his Teeth why does he need IMPLANTS ? Now look at 99% of the Complaints Filed and you will see that most do not attach a Photo or a Name to the post and if they do post a Name or a Photo it is a Fake name or Photo and that is because they do not want the next Dentist they use to know who they really are in case they need to use this Dentist and someone from this Office may read the Complaints that people have posted on pages like this one.

So I say reading Complaints posted is 95% wasted time but for the few that are Honest and True post about real problems they have had with getting Implants I would like to say thank you for your post and for your Help in helping me make my Decision in getting Implants, I know some of you are going to be pissed and say if I am so good why do I need Implants and I will be more than happy to tell you that I had a Doctor put me on a Drug called Methotrexate and had me on it for a little over two years for my Arthritis and when she left Office and I went to a New Rheumatologist Doctor he ask me why I was on this Drug and I told him he said O.M.G, I ask what is wrong and he said that is Drug that is used for Cancer Patients not Arthritis and even Cancer Patients never stay on it much longer than a Year because it will burn your Liver up and make your Teeth just crumble and fall out, Well I have the problem with my Teeth starting to Crumble and come out and he was right it did do a lot of Damage to my Liver as well so this is why I am looking into teeth Implants. Johnny Chapman Silver Creek Ga.


Can I buy a period for $100.00 please? Jeez.


I was blown away by his grammatical correctitude, Harvard should be on his horizon..


Typos in ur rambling pro implant post.strange for someone who hasn't been implanted. Very defensive and angry.who r u really?


He probably works for clear choice they troll this site. The Portland prostodontist talked to me about my review.

Clear choice only cares about your money. My email is 65wilmajc@gmail.com if you want to know what it's like to be a clear choice victim. I'll tell you.

$100,000.00 nightmare. No *** $100,000.00 my mouth will never be comfortable.


Before you criticize others, get an editor. You're grammar is ***


Does anyone know a good dentist that can handle a diabetic with 9 teeth and would do a good job???


Doing what with 9 teeth?

Most dentists deal with controlled diabetics. I treat them all the time.

Diabetes is a risk factor that decreases the success rate of implants by about 10%, no matter who the dentist is. Diabetics are more prone to bone loss.


I made an appointment and was told that the teeth would cost 50,000 dollars. What???

Since I could not come up with financing I was quickly shown the door.

STAY AWAY. Anonymous.


Be thankful! Biggest and most expensive mistake I ever made.

My mouth sucks. Always will.


Thank you for the warning. "Clear Choice' has flooded the Internet searches with its ads so it's very difficult to get any genuine reviews.

I suspected there would be problems because they advertise so much.

A good business gets referrals and doesn't need to run so many ads. Nor does it need to block review sites.me


Portland Oregon OFFICE would not let me give a review. I think a lot of there reviews are written by there staff. They troll this site also.


What patients do not realize:

1. Not every patient responds the same way to implant placement.

Some react beautifully. Others have severe inflammatory responses and infections.

2. Implant supported full-arch bridges require a LOT of maintenance over time. Things wear out and break.

The WORST thing other than an implant failure is having a screw break off in one.

3. Implants lose bone around them over your life.

4. If you have osteoporosis or diabetes, implants may not be a good choice.

5. Putting a whole arch bridge on just 4 implants is risky.

If one fails, the whole arch must be redone. 6.

As always, patients should be very leery of patronizing professionals that utilize radio and TV advertisements. Advertising that way indicates very high patient turnover rate.


I was a little shocked when I saw the commercial on TV. I was 28 and I had 2 implants and they were not as easy as 1-2-3.

There is a lot involved. I cannot imagine a 1 day procedure and nor would I want to. I know the world is always trying to find the next best thing and those next best things are convenient. But come on, we all know that life is not that easy.

If I can help someone who desperately wants implants, my advice to you is this: don't fall for this service. Save your money and do it the right way.

Please go to a Dr. who is not in a rush to take your money and run.


Gave me an ESTIMATE for the uppers of $43,250. All of that in less than 35 minutes and with only an imaged view.

Never even said "Open Wide!" and took a good look around!

The last dentist I paid money to fix my teeth, spent over an hour inside my mouth trying to decide exactly what to do in there. There are some very special issues they would only find out about if and when I choose to tell them. Only then did I get reminded THIS WAS ONLY AN ESTIMATE!!!

RUN or better yet DON'T GO! Unless you have no concerns for money, you will find way less expensive treatments available.

They reminded me, as I drove home, of some of the slick sales companies I had looked into when looking for sales jobs, before finding real estate.

Lots of Glossy photos of their Success Stories....oversized office space with NOBODY SITTING IN THE LOBBY.....Lots of people looking busy.....just not like I thought a dentist office should look like. And believe me, I have been to many, many of them over the years.......none wereas dead as this place.


I wouldn't say that of the dental clinics in Calgary they really want to help people. And if they are providing a service people want to know!


If anyone advertises on TV for ANY type of medical or dental procedures it's because of one thing GREED...

With that said, greed is always above YOUR satisfaction or YOUR best interests. Look around for professionals within their own professional societies at what their peers say and their patients say about them, not some made up website.

Never ever believe what an ad says or promotes, that's the hook to get you in. Once your there the real scam starts.

Professionals who are really good at what they do will NEVER ADVERTISE PERIOD!!!

To pull all your teeth and install permanent implants (Single Tooth Implants) is way more expensive than these people are charging, which leads me to believe there's something not right. There is no break through in implant dentistry that can give you a mouthful of implants cheaply or in a day...

It seems to me their pushing expensive dentures that are anchored in.

I have 2 single implants in my mouth from 1 year ago from a quality dentist, they were $3800 each and will out last my lifetime, titanium anchor with crown. Do the math and you'll see there's no way your getting a mouthful of implants with extractions for the prices their quoting, you'll get anchored dentures that are way over priced...

Please everyone do some research before you open your wallets or your mouths and see what others are offering. Generally chain dentistry offices are not the best quality or service. You'll save some money sometimes, but the work isn't the best and it's YOUR mouth, why cheap out and go through problems down the road??? :eek :x :cry

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