I have postponed writing about Clear Choice Dental far too long. I am not comfortable about complaining but I realize that writing at this site may help another person from making a horrible mistake.

I had dental implant surgery at the Roseville Clear Choice in the Sacramento area in fall of 2009. Since then my life has changed for the "worse" and I have suffered from continuous and severe burning and pressure where the implants were placed. I have spent thousands of additional dollars seeking help from other dentists and neurologists who say the implant procedure caused damage to small nerves in the jaw bone area. I even saw the nation's #1 nerve specialist at U.C San San Francisco. Most dentist's said they would have placed a minimum of 6 implants on top.

Every day I have to live with permanent neuropathic pain. The burning is so bad on some days that it brings me to tears. To block some of the nerve pain I have to take a powerful drug called Tegretol which has life altering side effects. I've always been very active with dancing and exercise and the drug significantly lowers my energy level. I am terribly dismayed that Clear Choice has not reached out to help me after they have ruined my mouth. Basically, I was told that I now have a "medical problem" and should see a neurologist. Clear Choice caused my medical problem as I NEVER had this pain before!

After Clear Choice determined that I had permanent damage I felt like they were more worried about a lawsuit than helping me. The office assistant said they lost my original Cat Scan when I needed it for outside appointments. The main doctor said I was their ONLY patient who sustained permanent nerve injury. His partner told me that another patient did get permanent damage from their implants but she failed to disclose that she previously had neuralgia. Which doctor was telling the truth? A significant roadblock for my health is that my medical doctor experienced a lengthy and difficult time reaching the CC doctors for a consultation. He finally reached the surgeon. I also felt a lot of resistance and reluctance from the front office when I requested my medical record. There is much much more that I can add.

As a very adept previous writer from Texas wrote, "why isn't Clear Choice helping me? These doctors are so positive and helpful before your surgery. However, they don't lose any sleep or do everything possible to help after they realize the extent of the damage. I would have loved being one of their success stories. Please consult with other dental surgeons before you have work done with CC. I have learned from many dental professionals that they do not respect Clear Choice's work.

I am sincerely happy for anyone who has had a positive outcome with CC. I just hope potential candidates will research all their options before making their important decision about dental implants. Susan

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $48000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clear Choice Pros: Smile.

Clear Choice Cons: Permanent nerve damage.

Location: Rocklin, California

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Dont go bad


I too have only had problems since 2009 with Clearchoice some one help us with suing this company


I too have nerve damage. Ang hot a bad infection. And a hemorrhage sent to the hospital now what


I’m having the same problem. I have been told by the staff I should not have the pain.

It’s only been two months. I went to talk to the sergeant last week and he told me the staff was wrong and it will take months to heal. Now I’m not sure if I’m being told the truth. I’m going to wait to see if the pain goes away after they do the petmante teeth.

It’s a total of four month befor they do the permanent teeth. I can wait. I’m hopeful things get better.

I will keep you posted. 2018.


Am astonished that none of these people thought to hire an attorney. Clear Choice is clearly a scam, and NO ONE WHO GOES THERE will get their money back without an attorney suing on their behalf.

Next time? Do your homework before you give your body over to another

unqualified doctor to do any sort of surgical reconstruction.


If you have burning and pressure it may be an allergic reaction to the materials , especially any metals .

You may need to have the work removed and replaced without offending materials , which may be the composite metals .

If you have any metal allergies I would explore that more

Best of luck .


Actually its natural to have pain after implants but specialist suggest you pain killer for this situation so that you can bear the pain.


susan, please contact me in regards to your review I am having the same burning and pressure in my mouth from these implants, I am very scared, and I cry daily.i also had mine done at the roseville office in jan of 2015. They told me that this hasn't happened before, and I find that it has happened to you.

please contact me at 916 591 0538. I really need to talk to someone who has gone through what I an going through.


Dear Anonymous: I feel terrible that I didn't see your post from December. I haven't been looking at this site for several months.

I am so sorry that this horrible experience has happened to you too. I left a message on your phone today with my number. If you have problems reaching me, send a text and I will call you as soon as I can.

The Clear Choice Doctors told also told me that I am their only patient with nerve damage.

Besides the two of us, I believe others have been hurt. Obviously, they want you to think that you are the only one and that something must be wrong with you to have this painful outcome.

It makes me angry to think they are so insensitive and uncaring when they actually damaged you for life. My heart is with you as I know exactly what you are experiencing.


Hi I'm ray same problem here and infection. 4 month in bone sticking out pain nerves hurt.


I tried to get relief from pain killers but it was impossible to get them from clear choice. I gave up.


Hi, I just had the upper teeth done in Roseville . I’m still in pain and it has been about two months.

Are you still in pain? I hope it stopped for you.

I’m going to try to call the number you left on your review. Thank you.


I use this package from this website to go in Mexico, the trip was ok the service better, it's a little bit difficult to go without information about http://www.placidway.com/package/1571/Full-Mouth-All-on-4-Nobel-BioCare-in-Los-Algodones-Mexico


l live in the Sacramento area. I can't thank you enough for posting your experience. I wish you well.


Dear Anonymous, thank you for post. I feel good if my review helps you to carefully review your options.

I wish I had made a better decision. I wish you well too and hope you have a beautiful outcome!


Oh my gracious, am I ever glad I decided to check the reviews on this site. Sure saved me from going down the wrong road along with a lot of money. Thank you for your posts.


Dear Anonymous

I sure wish I had a site like this to check out before I decided to go to Clear Choice. Unfortunately, the first post I saw was in 2010 which was after my surgery.

I am thankful that these reviews are helping potential new patients like you who are investigating options for dental implant surgery. I sincerely hope you find a good, talented and ethical surgeon who will give you a beautiful and comfortable outcome.

Thank you for your post. Susan


I heard of clear choice years ago, but did not have the need until now to look into implants. I would love to have all my teeth back for nutritional reasons but also for cosmetic reasons however I can not hold back the question.

How will my jaw bone, body in general react to foreign objects. It is scary but to know you have to take risk and educate your self.

I really appreciate your comment. I am so so sorry you have had such horrible experience.


Hi Mary, I think it is wonderful that you are educating yourself before getting dental implants. I sincerely hope you find the best possible procedure for optimal function and the appearance of your teeth.

Though my experience has been disastrous in terms of pain, I truly hope your outcome will be positive and comfortable.

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Susan


Susan I’m a Roseville client too some needs to contact me patient since 2009 and problems after problems we need to sue

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