The final product looks good but the process was a nightmare. Before my boyfriend could even walk from the anesthesia they made us leave and then they didn't even help me get him to the car. I had to have a complete stranger from the elevator help.

Now after several calls they won't set an exact date on when they will charge us. So some months I have two charges on my account. I can not financially plan when they can't charge me on the same day.

Furthermore there main sales person, who made it uncomfortable when she was groping my boyfriends leg while he was still drugged up, draws hearts on all our billing statements. So when I have to turn in my receipts for taxes they are going to be covered with hearts. Who does that?

To sum it all up... They are unprofessional. They will not work with you on the billing. And despite how much they say they care about their patients, they are only in it for the paycheck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Bellingham, Washington

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*** weird the girl groping/drawing hearts. Not only unprofessional but a sicko home wrecker.

Ew! I would have checked her so fast!!!!


This site is a total joke! Nowhere in my comment was there profanity...

so, why was it deleted?

My original comment just stated I claim b/s on this post. WHO would put up w/ someone groaping their BF's leg w/o insisting on speaking to that person's boss? & the "hearts drawn on the bill"...

why not take them in & show them to the boss/dentist!?! What kind of resolve do you hope to get by whining about it on here?

The process of getting AO4 from Clear Choice takes 9-12 months. These aren't people you're only going to deal w/ once or twice. So, if you're truly sorry upset & offended - deal w/ it in their office.

THEN come on here & update how they handled it... that is, IF it even happened.

And, that’s probably a couple minutes of my life wasted, as this site will probably again just delete my comment... but hopefully not before others see this & are reminded to ONLY BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT YOU READ, & EVEN LESS OF WHAT YOU HEAR!


That is just clearly and overtly cutthroat disrespect. For a woman to do that in front and f ur face??


And then how clever does she think she is with the hearts? Is ur bf gonna see them and think back fondly become so enamored and decide "u know what, i must go sweep her off her feet

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