Just a few issues pertaining to the office in north Phoenix & the first thing was that I had a 12.45 pm last week & was told if I'm late , that they would have to reschedule & I tried calling the main number , but. Anyway , I made it on time & kept me waiting for 45 minutes& the final discussion with the Dentist was a price of 46,000& I had the same evaluation back in ct.last year for the same work to be performed for a price of5,000, so , where do they think they could come up with such a ridiculousl quote & to top it off , they told me they would check to see if I decided to let them do it .

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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In looking over some of the comments made, I will only say I have to agree with several of you. I recently took my wife to Clear Choice in North Phoenix for a broken tooth that she wanted to get an implant placed due to it decaying.

When we walked into the office, we were blown away by how elegant this place is. So, I figured out why. They did her initial consultation, showed us the office, and surgery suites and gave us the grand tour. Then after shooting a I CAT scan of her mouth, gave us a price quote of $5000.

She would need a more comprehensive examine. The next week, she was taken back and examined by the staff. When I came back to talk with them, suddenly they recommended that all her top teeth be pulled and that a all in 4 implant be placed. When we inquired on the price, the consultant returned to the room and informed us that it was going to be $26,700!!

When I asked if it was necessary, the dentist informed us that this was his recommendations. While we looked at each other still trying to digest that figure, they kept telling us that "Do you need a minute to discuss it?" A minute, don't you mean like several hours, days? Of course, financing options were presented to us. However, after having the afternoon away from there staff and weighing pros and cons, my wife decided to check into other options.

She called the office 2 days later to tell them of her decision and ironically, they called her back twice to inquire why she did not want to go forth with the procedure! WOW figure it out, not everyone has $26,700 to pay on a set of upper teeth! How much would her entire mouth cost, $52000 ?

It was ironic that one of the dentist from this practice was doing an informmercial several days later on TV and was asked why he thought most people would rather wear dentures or do not pursue this treatment? I don't want to say what his answer was, but from my view, the price I think says it all.


Oh...and don't believe what some of these dentist here in the states tell you about care and quality of work you can get in another country. Just cause they hold a degree doesn't mean they have your best interest at heart. Do your OWN research and speak to a lot of people who had traveled abroad for dental work.


Unfortunately that happened to us also. My husband quote jumped into the 20,000.00+.

A little more research and we decided on a dental office in Algodones Mexico.

Took us 3 trips and he has permanent teeth upper and lowers for 11,000+. FOR US this was the best option and he had awesome care.


Reviewing & editing your review before posting might be a good idea... and have you not been to a doctors office before!?!

How often are they running right on schedule?

And, sorry, but what is so offensive about them saying they'll check in on you later to see if you still need the work done or not? Again, just another person who has to *** & moan about anything & everything.


Don't tell me that If I am ten minutes late, they will reschedule and then keep me waiting an hour or more... Oh, that's right Mr.

"I really work for Clear Choice" Anonymous defend at all costs. I can't say whether this commenter meant they could check back or they would need a check BEFORE any work could be done! Not only did Clear Choice open 2 accounts at creditors to help pay for the $20,000 for lower implants and upper dentures, which still don't fit my husband, they required us to make a large payment BEFORE any work began. When I go to a dentist or other doctor, I usually pay as I go...not prepay by 40% and then the rest must be paid by the end of treatment in 10 months!

Why, when I needed my appendix removed...I didn't even get a bill until weeks after the procedure was complete and they waited more than 60 days for Medicare and our other insurance to pay their part...

You know Mr.

I really work for Clear Choice Anonymous, the more you put people down for simply telling others about the bad service or hinky way they require payments for shoddy work...the more I realize just how bad the whole company and program really is. And yes...I will follow you and your terrible penchant for putting people down for there opinions.


Nobody does fixed hybrid implant bridges for $5000, not even in foreign countries. You are comparing apples to oranges. The two quotes were for completely different treatments.


Oh the troll who is so busy with his practice bad mouths this company, Aspen Dental, Affordable Dentures. "Seasoned Dentist" you are a fraud and never even been a dentist. I know you are mad because none of these companies hired you so shut up now and go find a job.


Oh the 'keyboard warriors' are feisty on this site. You're the same wimps that, if confronted face to face, would probably spout off a few swear words & slink off to your trailer house. Get a life!


That's a laugh. I do plenty of implants in my practice.

And I have had plenty of patients come from Brazil, Costa Rica, and other places with off-angle implants with crowns that keep falling off. The only real remedy is sawing them out with a trephine bur, graft bone, and starting over. Do what you want, lady.

Nobody wants a know-it-all dufus like you for a patient. All your internet knowledge of dentistry is worth exactly what you paid for it- Zero.


I may agree that it is apples to oranges, but if they both work... My husband is in his mid sixties.

These cheaper ones would have lasted 10-15 years, maybe longer than he will. And what good are they if the dentures DONT fit!

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