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It's not 'one day and done'. I'm so sick of all these negative reviews, by naive people who aren't even patients of CC. I, on the other hand, am a client. So, I'll waste a few minutes explaining this. Not to the original poster, as I'm sure you just flung this review on here and are done... not really interested in the REAL facts.

1st, you go in for a financing meeting, and then again for a 3 hour consult. On surgery day, yes in ONE DAY, all your remaining teeth are removed, jaw bones leveled out, implants put in, gums sewn up, and TEMPORARY teeth screwed into the implants. It takes aprx. 6 months for the implants to heal. You have 3 appt's to check on healing. Then you have another 3 hour appt. to design the cosmetics your 'forever pair', and do impressions for them to start fabrication on your titanium bar that will be in between your gums & forever teeth. The actual install of the forever pair happens aprx. 9 months after your surgery day.

IF you had actually set foot in a Clear Choice office, you'd understand this. The "teeth in one day" means you leave that day, not just gums & screws, but temporary teeth in your mouth to eat w/ while your implants fuse to your jawbone.

What a world we live in when so many want to whine & complain about anything & everything... it's especially obnoxious when they really have no idea what they're talking about.

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I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago, I still get some headaches but they are getting better, I'm not to happy with my temps but oh well.You are correct if you actually go to CC they will tell you that you will have temps on same day as surgery .

They told me all of this up front .

They don't say DONE in 1 day it takes about 4 to 6 months for the implants to heal, and then they say I can get a new set of temps since I don't much care for the ones I have.Then at the 9 to 12 month stage they will set my permanent teeth in when everything has completed healing, ( again I was told all of this upfront !!

Cumby, Texas, United States #1256264

Clearly YOU are the one NOT reading the reviews!!! How about reading YOUR own review for proof!!!!even YOUR review CLEARLY says you ARE NOT DONE IN ONE DAY!!!!! You work for clear choice and your FAILED attempt at damage control is a riot!!!!!

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #1194630

I've been researching for a while , and even thought I know it's going to be expensive the comfort for having teeth that look and function like real teeth are well worth some pain and yes even a large expense.I do my best to make sure I'm an educated consumer in every large purchase I make .

Thanks for the comments on here even though I have to agree some are just whining, "anything worth having doesn't come easy" .....best advice I ever got from my Dad!


I am a client (in the process of having my teeth done at this time).I too was hooked by the claim of having it done all in one day, as the TV commercial mentioned.

I went in for a preliminary consultation and really enjoyed the staff in the office. They really are awesome. However, the process was not explained to me in the follow up 3 hour consultation as far as the lengthy time it could take. I had no idea that it could take 9 - 12 months to complete; I do remember they said it would take 4 - 6 months for the initial screws to heal to the jaw bone though.

As it stands, I am in the fourth month now, awaiting an appt next month to get the next step taken care of; which I understand to be opening the gums up and screwing on the next step so the gums can heal around it. I do not have temporary teeth at this time, just the holes where the teeth used to be and am hoping this is part of the next step next month. I had to ask about the next steps. I am currently looking for a job out of state that could happen within the next three months and now I am worried that I won't have my implants by then.

I'll need to talk this over during my next appt. Also, the cost is astronomical. I can't believe how expensive and am finding that there are other quality implant programs around me that are half the cost of Clear Choice.

All in all, disappointed at this point, but hopeful that I don't go through what some of the other people have posted on here.

to Anonymous #1151357

Um...I think you're a complete lier!

You said you're 'in your 4th month' & say you "think" the next step is getting the 'screws' put in!?!

You haven't had anything done, and you didn't research enough to sound credible what so ever.Get a life & stop wasting space on here!

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1136356

Waht they are probably commenting about is the difference between what you have (so arrogantly) stated, and what is advertised in television ads, which succinctly states "in one day); which leaves the obvious expectation that the entire process takes "one day".

So please, drop the defensiveness and perhaps your efforts would be more fruitful if you were to contact the company and ask them to correct their marketing statement(s).

to Was a potential client Saint Joseph, Minnesota, United States #1136616

So, perhaps my irritation comes off as 'arrogant'...but I find these negative posts whining about "it's not one day and done" incredibly juvenile.

YES, in one day they can take out all your remaining teeth & put your temporary teeth in. But OBVIOUSLY, it takes time for the jaw bones to heal around the implants! 9 months later, and about 6 appointments w/in that time, is when your forever teeth are intalled. It's not MY job to talk to the company about clarity in their advertising.

It's potential clients job to go to the THREE HOUR consult and find out all the details. I'm absolutely DONE w/ this site as of now...

I can't put up w/ the *** & moan mentality of the majority of posters on here.Good luck to you all, and hopefully your negative outlook on everything improves.


Just read your comment and watch the commercial on TV.As usual they don't tell you about all of that.

So it is a deception. Why not enter lousy 3 minute commercial tell exactly what needs to be done and then a patient will know what's going to happen before they even make an appointment. The fact is it is not something that cost $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 its , it's 9000 thousand 15000 thousa 430 thousand. An outrageous amount to help people in dentistry the prices are no cheaper than any other dentist that you would go to.

And for what it's worth regardless if you agree with it or not dentists of any kind are not doctors.

You want to be a dentist step up and make it affordable otherwise shut your mouth quit making money off people who have to work for a living not interested in buying you your half a million dollar home.Professional rip off artists

to Anonymous #1122212

I think you're probably late for your shift at McDonald's

to Anonymous Buford, Georgia, United States #1136684

DDS........I think that means Doctor of Dental Surgery....so I guess an ophthalmologist isn't a doctor, or maybe even a cardiologist isn't one either......they are all doctor who SPECIALIZE....now, everyone knows that advertisements are on for one reason only......to get your attention and to get you in to their place of business. If any person in this day and age doesn't Google or BBB a place of business, it's their own fault for not putting in the time to research....and remember, " Let the buyer beware".......

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