The financial guy gave me his cell so the calls wouldn't be recorded. I tried three times to cancel and he kept telling me "I was worth it" and that I had until the day before the surgery to cancel and get a FULL refund!

Lie, lie, lie. They kept $1000 and didn't refund a lender until it was after the due date for payment which made me have to pay another $280.94 in interest for something I didn't even have done. They should be ashamed!! Take all these complaints serious.

Go somewhere else! I have and it's costing a third of what Clear Choice was charging.

Monetary Loss: $1280.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Where are your going that is going to cost less. My daughters teeth are destroyed from 2 years of vomiting before they took her gallbladder out.

We thought these guys were an answer to prayers.

What do we do? ??


"Go somewhere else! I have and it's costing a third of what Clear Choice was charging." Where did you go that was 1/3 less? I'd be interested in looking into as the prices are way out of my budget.


(I'd be interested into looking) Also, I've done alot,I mean Alot of research and the only( places) your going to get one third the cost is in other countries, mexico,india,ETC. go ahead, let me know how it turns out.....

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