After doing further research, I believe I dodged a bullet. I experienced the full 3-D xray and initial consult, as well as watched a video.

The dentist came in and said, "I won't pull your teeth." He didn't even look at my mouth. It's interesting how Clear Choice runs ad after ad showing people with teeth and then showing the after surgery with a perfect smile. Huh? I was told they don't remove teeth.

I have periodontal disease and a ton of crowns that are 30 years old. I had heart surgery this year and one of the commercials goes so far as to blame bad teeth on heart health.

Really? I was turned away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

Reason of review: Dodge a bullet from what I call a cattle company..

Clear Choice Pros: Video.

Clear Choice Cons: Quality of sales pitch.

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Believe it or not, there is research that links cardiac disease with dental disease. Actually, there's a lot of research that no one tells us about that shows bacteria in the mouth due to dental disease causes all kinds of other health problems, including even cancer.

It makes sense... for instance, when you have an abscess due to a cavity becomes large enough and it spreads to the bone it eats away at the bone. Those cells in the bacteria can mutate and change healthy cells into cancer cells or other diseases. So they spared you because you are not a straight forward case and you don't have enough health gums or bone for them to feel confident in the outcome.

Consider yourself lucky that they didn't accept you as a patient.

Get a copy of your cone dental cat scan to take to whomever is going to treat your mouth because you don'y want to sustain any more radiation than necessary over the course of your life time. Cancer is cumulative from the radiation we get and doctors and dentists do it way too much.


Because he wanted you to SAVE AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOD-GIVEN TEETH, not have them ripped out and your jawbone cut to smithereens.

He was trying to look out for you. He lost potentional commissions. And you are angry with him about that?????


Bad teeth is responsible for some heart disease and other ailments. You would be shocked.

U were probably turned away BECAUSE of the dental disease.

They usually want u to get that cleared up first with your dentist so no bad bacteria can get released into your system and make u sick. ER.

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