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Clear Choice Internet, can't get a signal with their eqpmt., in home or traveling modem. Committed to temporary service, called to cancel, am advised I agreed to 2 year contract, NOT.

Had choice day I ordered for temp service & pay $10.00 leasing per month for eqpmt., or temp service, no contract & $10.00 lease fee per month. Am told I owe them $170. for early cancellation fee, plus $40. restocking fee for each piece of eqpmt.

They were bullying, rude, I felt like I was interacting with the sleaziest, low rent, used car person. I could not communicate w/ the cust. service people, also they don't "PRORATE".

I immediately called credit card comp., shut down pymts., am disputed pymts, & any & all fee's. Bad, unethical comp., incompetent & useless service.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I have the same issue with clear, after two hours of having the service I decided to call and cancel the Internet was so slow and disconnected every 10 min, the agent transfer me to another line which keep asking me to stay for 30 min then I called again, it was the same agent which she pretend doesn't hear me !!! Kept trying to call and ask to cancel the service they were so rude finally I gave up and now I don't know what to do I don't need their service it is awful and I need a way to cancel my service, the agents looks like they are teenagers and the whole company does not look reliable .I don't have contract it is month by month agreement . Any suggestion will be highly recommended

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