Clear Choice is sponsored by an implant manufacturer that is struggling with a deteriorating level of quality. They provide implant supplies to Clear Choice for a greatly reduced cost and the quality and service suffers.

No matter what your circumstance as a patient, you will be approached by a hot shot sales person on commission who will try and sign you up for their standard package of immediate teeth in a day. Everyone gets the same treatment plan. Replacement teeth on four surgically placed implants. If you want the equivalent of one size fits all treatment, then go for it.

But if you're really looking for a quality evaluation unique to your specific needs and are concerned about continuity of treatment and followup care, I strongly urge you to look elsewhere. Yes, I am one of many dentists out there who are highly trained to provide quality care that is individualized to your specific needs. We take pride in having a second family of satisfied patients and lose sleep if one is in trouble.

I work with a team of dentists who will remain available to service your dental health long after the Corporate investors close down Clear Choice. Dr Anonymous,DMD

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

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I'm glad to read this. I had dental implants, 4 bottom, to secure a lower denture.

I went to a very reputable dentist and dental surgeon to have my implants. It takes months for the implant to have bone grow around them in order to safely and securely secure a denture. I am very happy I did this and have had them for 9 yrs with not one problem.

I know you can't do all that and go out with your "new" teeth in the same day. Please see a good dentist.


Great Information, Thank you

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