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It is vital to note the the Clear Choice offices are individually operated, so a bad review for one location is irrelevant when assessing the capabilities of another office. I can only attest to my own experience with the location in Austin, TX. I had the all on 4...
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The reason you have had 4 different prosthodontists is because once they make enough money from all the initial implants they move on and leave the issue of supporting the install base to someone else. The new person has to sell enough to newer patients to get the upfront money so they can pass it on to the next one.

If you think about it it is almost like a pyramid scheme. When I got it done there was nothing in the contract about a 5 year warranty. My initial Dr. moved on and now the new owner has to deal with repairing all the clients of the previous Dr out of their own pocket.

I wouldn't mind paying for repairs as long as it is reasonable. I have recently found out that they just fix the broken 'tooth' not create a whole new apparatus.

There shouldn't be to high a cost for this. Usually takes 2 hours.

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That's weird, my husband had this procedure done this week.They DIDN'T put him under to the point where he was completely out. They only have him enough, not to feel anything being done, but aware enough to know what was going on. He needed to help them open his mouth...
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did your husband have to get all his top teeth pulled? Id like 2 keep my good top teeth

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