they do not provide you what they promise

as someone mentioned before they treat you like a celebrity until they get your money notice that none of them at the office have the same procedure done do not at any cost let them pull your teeth do what you can to save your teeth your facial profile will change you will look very much older I have pictures to prove this if you would like to contact me feel free to do so and I will show you what you will be paying for do not I repeat do not fall victim to this company it is a scam I regret not doing my homework and I regret listening to someone that was not able to provide me other patients real pictures not professional pictures that can be photo shop or contact information for them I regret it everyday I cry when I look in the mirror. I get depressed.

I am very remorseful for this decision do not make the same mistake that i did. they put pretty teeth in your mouth but they do not fit your face. your face will sag and you will age tremendously.the value of what I have lost can never be replaced. I was doing this so that I would have no worries with my teeth anymore and now I worry more now than I ever did in my lifeplease at all cost do your homework before making a decision like this that's all I ask.

they claim to have 3 D technology but everything that is being done by man not a 3D anything. So ask for photos of what you will look like ask for references of happy clients don't fall victim to the save 1000 dollars off if you sign up right now scheme I found out later that someone paid 37,000 for the same procedure that I paid 50,000 for. run as fast as you can a way from this company.

work on your mouth tooth by tooth. if not you will deal with the same nightmare as I do because after having this procedure done you do not have the alternative to go to traditional dentures ...yes they got your mouth and file down all of your gum that's why your face will sag because you have been stripped from the gum that help to structure your face ~God bless, and if there is a dentist out there reading this that can help clients that have fallen victim to this company please leave your information on this site to be contacted I need an alternative I can't live the rest of my life like this

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Location: North Atlanta, Georgia

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Please email me about this. I can attest to everything she said. independentabstract@***.com


please call me. 215-828-****. I can attest to everything you're saying.

@Rainee Bkq

Can you please tell me what office you had your teeth done in? I just had mine done 10 days ago and have nothing but pain and discomfort. I looked for negative reviews prior to getting this done but did not find anything until it was to late.


Thank you


I just feel so bad for these victims of opportunists. I looked them up as I need major work done and a senior but no way will I go there after everything I've read


Yesterday I had an appt at clear choice in Cincinnati Ohio store . The staff was the best with great attitudes .

This could not be a more friendly store. I was there about 1 hour and received the whole pitch and I was ready to make an appt. Since I have been wearing dentures for about 20 years ,had all teeth removed long ago [ from accident at work ] I thought that would be the easiest and cheapest option .... Boy was I wrong ,,,,the long and the short is ,,,, most expensive was ,,, wait ,,,, wait ,,,,, wait 54,000.00 mid grade was ,,,, 36,000.00 and cheapest was 25,650.00..

when are any of these prices considered AFFORDABLE ??? now I have finally gotten over the depression of not being able to get implants . My partner tells me that we will figure out what may be another option .



Do not be sad about not getting implants. I had more Facial volume WITH DENTURES than I did with the ALL ON 4.

It’s true! They shave away the bone and gum that supports your facial structure and your face will age TREMENDOUSLY in short time! I would give anything to undo this remorseful decision I’ve made snd be back in my dentures!

I least I still had my gums that supported my face! I


The price Varys depending on how much work and what what kind of arches you are buying ,


Clear choice could be a mistake for some people. I agree totally with what this lady said and I want to help anyone I can, too.

Please be careful and don't get impatient because they know this. You have to think straight. Listen to your Periodontist and take their advice first and they probably have a better price even though it takes longer. I remember that I didn't even meet the surgeon the day of consultation.

It turned out that after talking with the sales rep another lady was called into the room who was a doctor but she was eventually the lady who did my check ups and adjustments) and she looked at my X-ray and said "Yes, she can have the surgery." I asked if I needed bone grafting and she said no. Well, I knew I did because my Periodontist told me. My periodontist showed me X-rays but I just listened to Clear choice tell me their procedure would work without it. I think they knew I did and I pretended that it would be ok.

After getting a hundred phone calls and emails and sweet texts from the sales lady and then signing paper work I was ready for surgery. The day of surgery I met the surgeon for the first time ever, he has never ever looked into mouth. Remember everyone these people don't even know us like our real dentists do. I again asked this surgeon if I needed bone grafting and he said no they wouldn't need to do it.

Also, he made me make initials again, two times now, on a page that relieves them off any responsibility for several things. I was worried and looked at my husband like, Maybe we shouldn't do this? We did it anyway. Well, I'm not going to go into all of the details but I'll just say it has been rough and depressing and very painful and I wish I didn't do it.

10 months later it is not right. They have been very polite and made a lot of adjustments but it doesn't get better.

I can't believe it really happened. Please be careful.


My own dentist is doing my implants and it dose take longer but I know they will be done the right way




Please leave me your contact number! My name is Helena


Please call me my number is 520 371 ****


Your last 4 numbers are xxxx out. Do you have an email?


I have an appointment in 4 days and am now having doubts about keeping it.


Did you go to your appointment?

@Josiah Egi

Hi there, I live in Michigan and needed extensive dental work done (the fixed bridges in place had failed and so did my bite) anyway I was searching for answers and f


thank you




Isn’t there any way we can bring a class action lawsuit against them. They take so much more than our money. They take our time, confidence, health, ability to smile and eat healthy, and our right to live pain free.

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