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I think I can top them all.

Started my nightmare 9 years ago. Got a full set, top &;; bottom.

Long story short, painful to floss, they were too cheap, and/or lazy to graft much needed bone. 12, now 13, (one pushing out as I type this), breaks over 6 years. The breaks started in year 3 after completion, which by the way took 18 months. Sagging, old lady with cheap dentures looking mouth, teeth too small, have never fit my mouth, lips unsupported, nor do they fit together when I close my mouth.

Bubble gum pink plastic looking gums, very unnatural looking. Not a single complement from anyone, not even my family members who cried with me over all the years that I fought to save my natural teeth. And they cry with me now knowing how long I waited to finally fix my mouth, how much it cost me, and is still costing me in missed work, and repair costs, and how much agony I've endured to date.

I thought my worries were over when I got my implants, boy was I ever wrong. I'm sure there are companies that do good work, and stand behind their product and reputation.

Clear Choice has clearly shown me that they absolutely are NOT one of them.

They've shown me that they simply don't care. $42,500 wasted!!!

Not a single

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $43.

Preferred solution: Full upgrade, no charge. It's the very least that can happen..

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It happened to me too…. Today after 9 years and because Covid-19 pandemic….

I learn how made my own teeth and for first time I can say my life is back…. Take me more than a year to master my learning…


Tell us how you made your teeth? Please

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