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I went into Clear Choice Dental in Austin, Texas to have a complete evaluation, then went to have my surgery to later have them later tell me that the $7,500K I'd already paid out didn't cover my dental issues that they 'found' new issues which would now cost me $1500.00 plus another $7,500K.

They never performed what I paid them the $7500.00 for, instead told me when I could come up with another $7500.00 they would fix my two teeth and put in the bridge they took out of my mouth.

They wanted $15,000.00 for two teeth and to put in the bridge they robbed out of my mouth back into my mouth. Filthy gangsters.

I called them, however never got them to return my call. These folks are assembly-line gangsters digging into your mouth and robbing people.

Now I will search out someone who isn't an assembly line gangster operation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Location: Austin, Texas

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If you go in and grab the dentist by the shirt collar and push him against the wall and tell him hes not robbing you im certain he will change his mind. I would never tolerate what you went through.


Contact Brueggen Dental Implant Center in Houston TX. They are awesome and extremely professional.


Brueggen has been doing implants longer than anyone in Texas. Over 35 years of implant experience.


Get your mouth fixed and quite complaining. Ask your regular dentist at your regular check up for prices and treatment options then come back and say you are getting ripped off.

You signed a contract with Clear Choice, and it sounds like the ball is in your court to get the problems fixed before they can perform SURGERY.

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