Atlanta, Georgia

When I heard the ad about clear choice I thought that was the solution to my dental problems but if I had read the reviews would not have come to clear choice. They lead you on at first about having teeth in a day which is really false advertisement.

I was told on my evaluation that I did not have enough bone in my bottom jaw to support the implant and they may have to do some sort of bone graft, that was never discussed again. When the cap fell off the bottom implants I realized that that crown may be a problem. I went back over and over to get adjustments to the temporary teeth and figured the permanent ones would be better. The made several attempts to get my bottom crowns to get a *** with the top and still it is not quite right.

My bottom crown is too big and rubs against my tongue. It took me over a year to get the permanent ones which I realize is really no good at all. I should have gotten new dentures, as I was already used to wearing them. I thought that with the implants I would be able to be able to speak better and have more confidence in myself but instead I am ashamed to open my mouth.

My words come out sounding funny and people look at me as if I am a freak. I am still having to go back over and over to get adjustments to the permanent teeth. I feel so frustrated and depressed, I have to talk in class and at work but keeps quiet most time so not to embarrass my self. people think i am antisocial or plain mean.

I feel really bad when people look at me strange and not knowing what i am saying.My mouth feels sore and my front upper teeth is protruding outwards, and rubs against my lip. Each time I go back and tell them about the problems i am experiencing they put back the temporary ones in my mouth and claims to fix the problem but when i get them back its the same problems. I have pain in the left side of my face, it feels like tension from the tightening of the appliance in my mouth.

They only take your money they are a big rip off. I dont know who to turn to I cant afford to go pay for new appliance as i am still paying for these and not comfortable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $36000.

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Omg! I am researching dental implants and the reviews for Clear Choice leads me to find ANOTHER CHOICE...their follow up seems to be POOR SERVICE & SO MANY PEOPLE WITH PAINFUL UNSATISFACTORY RESULTS &&&& The company through these multiple BAD REVIEWS appears to have larceny practices


Just had the ALL ON 4 upper/lower surgery 4 days ago. Absolute Nightmare!!

Temp teeth look, fit and feel horrible !!! Ridiculous and was treated very roughly and rudely. If I could go back I would go somewhere else. $48,500.

I'm worried what I will be left looking like and how uncomfortable they will be.

Very pathetic level of workmanship. Run the other way if it's not too late !!


Put in a complaint to the your states Board of dentist.Sorry to hear your nightmare. I've been living one since 9-20-17. I went to Portland Oregon.


I'm so sorry. I, too and experiencing the same issues.


Bottom snaps do not work, metal pieces fall out often, swallowed one i think! Upper looks ugly. Don't like to smile.

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