800 W Cypress Creek Rd #580, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA
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The staff at Clear Choice in Ft Lauderdale were wonderful. I went back on 7/11/17 to have a post inserted and another tooth pulled.

The so far is fine, but the final implants are not done. Even though they are more expensive than other places I went there because of their wonderful way with nervous patients. I had previously had some very botched dental work elsewhere and was understandably anxious. I have also had cancer and my veins are very difficult to insert IVs in.

The dentist, Dr. Grider botched the first try. When I told him my veins were difficult from having chemo he became annoyed. When I refused one site for an IV because I am handicapped and it would make it impossible for me to use my hand, he became annoyed and rude beyond belief.

I am a retired nurse and I know patients can be a pain, but I was expressing medical fact about potential IV sites. He called me a DEBBIE DOWNER and stated only positive people and generally treated me like a mentally deficient 5 yr old. He may or may not be a good dentist, but his manner was so off putting and insulting I will not use him again, nor would I recommend him to anybody else. His total lack of professionalism was totally out of line with everyone else in the office.

DO NOT GO TO DR. GRIDER UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TALKED DOWN TO, BERRATED AND CHIDED LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I am a 65 year old medical professional (DIrector of Nursing) and this is one dentist you do not want to ever use.

Dr. Alberto at the same location is lovely. Make sure if you schedule with them you request Dr. Alberto.

Avoid Dr. GRIDER at all costs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dentistry Doctor.

Preferred solution: AVOID DR. GRIDER.

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