I was evaluated by Clear Choice San Antonio for Dental Implants by a Sales person who is not a Doctor by the way, who immediately suggested and recommended that i was a good candidate for full upper implants. I was scheduled to meet with a Doctor that day, but was told he was busy and could not make the appointment.After a second appointment i finally met with the Doctor who agreed with the sales person that yes you are a good candidate for a full upper jaw, "all on four" implant.My third appointment was to take measurements and photographs to prepare for surgery.

The technician taking the measurements began to tell me how the False teeth break easy and many clients come back to have teeth replaced. She even commented directly about one client breaking teeth by removing his hunting glove with his teeth? The comments caused me some concern, but i pushed forward.A week or so after that appointment i went in to the office to cancel my surgery due to complications with my heart from a recent heart attack. I was no longer a candidate for any surgery until my heart issue's were taken care of.

I requested a refund of my payment in full from the sales person, and she said i will take care of it myself on Monday. Well, it never happened? After many phone calls, they finally refunded all except for $1000.00 dollars? They said this was for the third appointment with the lab technician?Long story short:They treat you like a celebrity before they get your money.

Once you pay them and you need to delay, cancel, or pause your services, they become unavailable and rude. Keeping one thousand dollars of my money is a nasty business tactic because i took nothing from them. They recruited me with their savvy sales tactics, lies, and fancy office. Also, i was evaluated by another Dentist, and a Orthodontist who both told me i was not a candidate for removing all of my upper teeth.

I have plenty of good teeth, i just need braces? Wow! Don't be fooled by their company owned and controlled review site with all positive reviews, http://www.realself.com/forum/clear-choice-dental-implants-worth.

Check it out, it's all a scam and money hungry corporate pirates. http://clear-choice.pissedconsumer.com/ check out this link for more unhappy customers.


Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Location: Austin, Texas

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What concerns me is that a "sales person" made the clinical decision that you needed implants. In most states, it is a violation of state dental law for a non-licensed dentist to make decisions regarding clinical treatment.


This is in response to "Implant Dr.". I worked at Clear Choice for many years as a Patient Consultant.

Or as you put it a "Sales Person" For the last hour or two on this site, I have been reading the many complaints that are posted. Most are very heartfelt. They may be slightly misguided, but they have had an unpleasant experience. Most companies, I imagine, do have their fair share of complaints.

BTW, I left Clear Choice because of a falling out with a few of "the suits". Never been a fan of Corporations. And Clear Choice is certainly a Corporation. But "Clear Choice" does not operate on patients.

Some of the best Oral Surgeons in their respective states do. Clear Choice does not do the restoration, highly skilled Prosthodontists do. People, I am not here to promote anything. But, you will be hard pressed to find better dental care.

Expensive? Of course. Not everyone can afford it or qualify. That is life- especially in Corporate America.

Now Implant Dr. (DDS?), you know very well that "Sales People" are not making any clinical decisions. You do know this, right? I mean, even if you do not know first hand, common sense would tell you that a very lucrative corporation would not allow "sales people" to diagnose needs of possibly future patient and put everyone at risk, right?

That protocol would not allow it? People reading this, they do not!! The Doctors are the only ones to say whether or not one qualifies. No one is going to read this.

But know that the work these doctors do for the Company is outstanding. I don't like the Company. But I have total respect for the Doctors. And many of the complaints that I have read are truly heart felt, but they may not have enough information to help them understand that the complaints are fairly easily explainable.

Sorry for pontificating.

Good luck. But "Implant Dr"-shame on you; if you are a Dr, you certainly know better.


You can only speak for the doctors at your location. The ones in Portland or are awful.

They destroyed my mouth. Then Told me to get someone else to fix it. I have very little room in my mouth for food because my tongue is so crowed. Clear choice doesn't care about anything but your money.

I should have paid $58,000 for zirconia teeth. But paid 72,556.00 had to get the cheap teeth. Clear choice is a total scam. They cut off your entire gums.

I aged 10 years in a few months. I reached out to corporate for help got NONE.

Clear choice wants your money that all. They could care less about your quality of life.


Thanks for the warning. I am facing needing implants for two teeth that are actually missing.

After your posting, it definitely won't be through Clear Choice!

Thank you again for preventing me from making a mistake that could cost dearly. :)

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