One day??? Don't you believe it!

I only needed 3 implants. I paid the money in full in January 2010. It's now TWO YEARS LATER and they still haven't completed what they started!!

There was nothing unusual about my situation until the first dental surgery. Upon putting in the implant, it struck the root of the adjacent healthy tooth. They did not give me a Rx for an antibiotic and after two days my whole face was swollen with infection. Over the phone they told me I was just being a wuss. I didn't get a followup appointment for a week, and even then the doctor refused to admit there was a problem. I went to my regular dentist who told me I would need a root canal and crown for the damaged tooth. He sent me to another oral surgeon who confirmed his diagnosis. Back to the Clear Choice doc--who still refused to believe he had caused a problem! Months later, he sent me to "his" specialist, who actually confirmed that the implant had killed the adjacent tooth.

The surgeon finally fixed the problem, but then the saga continued with the making of the crowns.

They made them wrong, kept delaying my appointments...the errors on their part never cease. But they had my money and I couldn't afford to pay someone else to fix what they started, nor could I afford the time to sue them before getting it fixed. TWO YEARS and at least 20 appointments later-- I still don't have what they promised!

My dentist tells me that their TV ads are very deceptive.

If there is a class action lawsuit against this company, I'M IN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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They are *** artists, Clear choice is a scam!

Do NOT believe them, specially the one in Saint Louis.

If a class action is filed, I am ALL IN!


I am having the same story as above, I am stuck with them.

I would not recommend this clinic to anyone.

They are not truthful and not caring, it is sad.


I agree, went in and felt like I was talking to a car salesman(no disrespect intended), but was told I need FULL implants on my lower teeth. Wanted me to sign some paperwork indicating I had spoken with a dentist...never did.

He quoted a price(24,560). When we declined the service, he then offered a partial implant procedure. Why didn't he offer this in the first place? I guess all my healthy teeth didn't need to be extracted.

The service may be great for some, but not for me. The entire procedure would have taken 6 mos, and it wouldn't start until Jan 2013....


What a scam. I got an estimate from my dentist in Feb 2012 and he told me it would be about 4-5 months to do my 3 implants and have my teeth.

I then went to Clear Choise after seeing there "1 day" TV ads. I asked why they were so much more and they said they were faster and they had better posts. Knowing I had a wedding to go to I paid the extra $1800 per tooth and as of today, July 9th, I still dont even have my impressions. Granted I missed my appointment for the impressions but come on, now they are telling me I wont actually have my teeth till September?

They are very deceptive and difinately are practicing false advertising. Believe me, they are no better than any other licensed dentists who do implants and are at least $1800.00 per tooth less.

By the way, I had no complications at all, they are just saying they can get me finished up because they are "booked" I am raising the BS flag. If a class action is filed, I am ALL IN!


I went there and VERY disappointed in the outcome. Tooth is a miniature looking tooth, foods gets stuck there all the time.

False advertizement, can't do in 1 visit.

I told them how disappointed I was, all they said was "sorry". I discourage anyone from going there.


File a complaint with your State Dental Board. Continue posting all consumer complaint boards.

When your cable company fails you, it is not a life compromising or threatening event. When a dental implant company does, it is!

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