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Update by user Jan 27, 2020

Money lost is $50,000.00

Original review posted by user Jan 27, 2020

I went to Portland Oregon clear choice. For $58,000.00 I was supposed to receive All on 4 top &;; bottom with zirconia teeth.

They promised me As Many Try Ins until your teeth are perfect then we make your permanent teeth Every claim and promise made was false. I was told your gums have to be leveled, and in RARE cases your entire gums are removed. The surgeon leveled my gums then the prostodontist told him to remove my entire gums. My mouth is a flat hole with 8 screws sticking out.

I look 10 -15 yrs older. My lips are still sinking in I bite them all the time. If my mouth is closed my tongue can not move at all. Eating is difficult and uncomfortable.

The teeth he put in my mouth were so large I could NOT close my mouth without forcing it closed. My lips do not close naturally I have to force them closed this is forever. All 3 sets of my teeth break at the same 2 implants. At my last appt.

I was told it was going to take more try ins for me because of where he chose to have my implants placed. 6 days later the operations manager ' TOOK ME OFF SCHEDULE FOR ALL FUTURE APPTS' 13 days later the prostodontist terminated my care. I was told in writing I would get a free set of temp teeth and $20,000.00 refund to have someone else's finish the job. I did not get the temp teeth, and the 20,000.00 refund was done by sending me a check for $5,000 I did not cash it because it was not a fair refund.

After xmas the operations manager redid my refund to include my 1st $1000.00 payment on my credit card. For a 1.5 hr appt with the prostodontist. (The other dentist spent 10 to 12 hours designing my smile) Corporate office in Colorado called me and said " tear that check up and throw it away, I have redone your refund..... I'm overnighting you a check for $4,000".

When The operations manager did the refund she charged me $23,000.00 for teeth that can only be used for a few mo. Explanation for this was "we provided you with our PERFERED PATIENT RATE. Similar to bundling......so postings won't match the exact cost you paid the office"

My care was canceled because it was going to cost them more time and material to finish the job. My 2nd set of teeth cost $12,556.00.

3rd set $25,000.00. 4th set $18,000.00. I've paid over $90,000.00 not counting the 6 tissue grafts I needed, cleaning & being sent to see other dentist. I've paid over $100,000.00 .

The assistant forgot to give me an RX resulting in me throwing up and dry heaving for 13.5 hours. Same assistant tightened my 4 front screws before filling the holes. The prostodontist had already torqued all 8 screws to the proper number. 2 of the 4 screws she tightened became stripped.


THIS WAS NOT JUST THE PORTLAND OFFICE making it as hard and expensive as they could for me to have the job finished COLORADO did too. I emailed the founder of C C told him, he Never got back to me. I sent a letter to corporate complaint person. She did not respond either.

The 2 nasty women I had to deal with laughed and really seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

Portland woman refused me care during the 30 days they were to be there for me as stated in my termination letter. My email is 65wilmajc@***.com if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Canceled my care because I was going to need more try ins. Did not get what i paid for, they did a bad job..

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Get what I paid for zirconia teeth for 58,000 .

Clear Choice Pros: No pros.

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Cypress creek office in Florida only cares about your money and signing the contract their scheduling is the worst Once they have your money they don’t care what they promised nine months later I still don’t have my dentureimplants they’re still working on my wax forms and my next appointment is in 2 months cause they can’t accommadate the morning appointments that they promised it was no problem before I signed the papers now I can only one appoint every 2 months if I new I wouldn’t have there don’t believe a word they say they just want your money!!!!!!


Hi may I use your review on my website clearchoicesucks.com so many other consumers will know about your experience?

@Cyla Ujk

I am going to check out your website. Thank you


Yes Clearchoice is a scam. I’m out 56k.

My permanent zirconium teeth look worse than the temps I initially had. I have a failed implant still in my jaw that hurts like *** Prosthodontist said they could remove it anytime and when I got my finals placed they didn’t even mention trying to remove it to help my pain. It’s a joke of a company. Their goal is to put as many butts in chairs and collect a check.

If I’d been smart I’d have went with a reputable company that cares about its patients and not refer to me as a customer. *** Clearchoice


Which location did you go to? I'm sorry your going through this.

They destroy mouths and dont care. It should be criminal what they get away with. Put a complaint in with your state dentistry board. Oregon board doesn't care.

I'm still trying to get a fair investigation.

In not giving up untill I do. Good luck to you.


When they terminated my care I was told " you are no longer considered a prefered customer so we change our prices....." I had to pay $23,000.00 for transitional teeth.


Check out clearchoicesucks.com and leave a comment there too.


So sorry you had to go through this. I hope you have some recourse to recover more of your money.


Having same problem ! had four studs top an bottom, moved my bite ,gave me pc's of crap for teeth..had for about year,falling a part in pieces.

Top Plate split bout a month ago, now piece's both top and bottom are fracturing off , Luckily haven't swallowed them, So they got a big legal team...Anyone want to start a class action suit, and not just one location . I'm talking whole outfit...top to bottom.. There commercials need to b fixed, or take them off the air,Biggest Lair's i ever met....SCAM if i ever seen one...

Anybody got any suggestion's ? my work was also done in the Portland,(Tigard) Oregon Office

@Tallulah Yim

It's been over 2 yrs since my surgery. As far as I know theres a 2 yrs limit on a regular law suit.

But I'd be happy to help you in any way I can. Corporate is who screwed me over. The prosthdontist did a horrible job. He said he wanted to fix it as best he could.

Corporate canceled my care to save time and money. I agree there comercials are totally false.

They sell you a impossible dream you end up living a nightmare. 65wilmajc@***.com contact me.

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