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I have had about 10 implants. I have also spoke to at least 50 dentists or oral surgeons.

Dental Implants is the largest dental scam in years. They made it such a way that no insurance will cover implants or if they do it might be discounted by 10% of there normal charge. Most all want to see you before they can give you a price. They do the same for regular crowns but if you have a dental discount plan, the price is set and they charge what it says, so if they do not need to see you, why do the ones that do not take insurance.

All I ask is what does an implant cost as long as no bone graph is needed or sinus lif is needed but they still give me a Hugh range. Than many do not disclose to you about the abutment. Than they tell you , that is needed and it may have to be made custom. BS.

Where I get my implants, I am given the abutment and I take it to the dentist to have the crown made. I have never needed a custom abutment. Most want 1000.00 to 2000.00 for the crown, like it is different than the regular crown. It is no different.

I have paid anywhere between 450.00 to 800.00 and spoke to the labs that make them and they tell me there is no difference. I called Clear Choice and got the same spiel and a cost of 5000.00 to 8000.00 per implant. Yes if you need a bone graft it cost more but not like they say or if you need a sinus lift, it may add 600.00 to 1000.00 but to do a regular implant and crown, its not a big deal. They make it sound like a big deal, but it is not.

DO research, ask for a price before you go, or if you have time, go in and waste there time and listen to all there lies and walk out and say, you can screw someone else but not me.

At there prices, all they need to do is a few a week. Clear Rip Off

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1334171

You are a big dumb fool who spews nonsense on the internet.

1. Not everyone needs custom abuttments.

It depends on implant angle.

2. Coverage for implants is excluded by the verbage of most dental insurance contracts. If it weren't, almost no employers could afford dental benefit plans.

3. No dentist I have ever met charges $5000-8000 per implant.

You are full of baloney.


No dentist can quote you a fee for an implant case without a very complicated exam. Would you expect a quote for open heart surgery without a detailed study of your coronary arteries?

to Seasoned Dentist Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1334319

Your right, i have never needed a custon abutment, and if i did, the destist would have had to be and *** to put it in that bad to need one.

The problem is the dentists, The implant itself nor the abutment does not cost more than a few hundred dollars not even a thousand or 500.00. So if you have enough bone, all you do is drill a hole, pick the size that will fit, and screw it in.

After a few months, cut the gum which takes a few minutes and does not hurt since I have had it does with no Novocaine and did not feel a thing. Than they put on a healing cap and again wait for it to heal around the cap. Than you or your regular dentist unscrews the healing cap and screws in the abutment, takes an impression just like a regular crown, send it out and fit it to the other teeth like a regular crown. Actually less work since you do not have to drill away the original tooth.

I am using Clear Choice as one example and I did call them. Most of the rest are similar in price. I needed one sinus lift and it was not more expensive A normal implant and crown should not cost more than 2000.00 if that and the discount plans could be less but you made up different dental codes fro the crowns and wont allow the to discount them even though the cost is the same as a regular crown.

I had insurance through the Federal Gov, and it would cover up to 1000.00, but that is because you charge 500 %. If a dentist put in a few crowns or implants a week, he can buy a new car in one or two weeks It is a license to steal

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