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Though my wife had surgery to have the spikes that the tooth sit on implanted the same day and, was given beautiful temporary tooth, it's been eight month and count and, she still doesn't have her permanent tooth yet.

About every six week she goes in for evaluation, I don't understand what's taking them so long on her permanent teeth. Their advertisement said one day, in and out service. WTF.

I'm beginning to worry. The first day their a pair of her expensive earring went missing, after being removed while under anesthesia and placed in a Kleenex. That was the last thing she remembered. We co plaint about them after getting home that first day but, per staff their, nobody saw them, now this. Should I be worry or does it normally take this long for full bottom implants. The doctor says her gums are find and no other problem. The claim is that their waiting for the teeth to be made but, eight months and counting though? I'm wondering!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The implants have to have bone heal around them and that takes time. In some cases if there is bone loss, bone grafting is needed in order for the Inplant to be secure. Use a quality Inplant facility if you want it done right and be prepared to give it time and $$$$$.


To me .... 4 years .... Is ridiculous


Yes, you should be worried! Something is wrong here.

I hope you haven't paid in fill for them. I does not take that long. They are stringing you out for some reason.

Did you ask what the problem was? I would go see a dentist in private practice and pay for an exam to see what he thinks.

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