there is false advertising from this company. They say that no one says no to getting real teeth and changing lives, I spent 4 wasted hours of my time in there and all the positive things that the ad and person said was untrue, because when it came to the financing part, I did not qualify.

I WANT THIS AD BANNED, or promise people that they will not get turned down, when in fact they do.

I do not have any teeth because of my disability and when I saw this commercial I thought it would change my life, but when I got there it was a waste of time and got me into a deep depression. So much for promises to help people until they want money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

Location: Daly City, California

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What did you expect, free implants?


if you have bad credit it is your own responsability for the outcome.

if can't afford a payment plan it is also up to you to do something and make some changes with your own life then.


So because you did not have the money, and probably have bad credit, you expect professional to do thousands of dollars worth of treatment on you?


Then they shouldn't promise people anything then.


Who should promise free money? Do you get angry at Porsche because you can't afford their cars and they won't give it to you?

I need implants too, and I can;t afford them but I don't expect anybody to give them to me because they should feel sorry for me of because they feel sorry for me or to give me credit if I show a history of non-payment.

Get some dentures. They are cheep.


I thank God and all these people that I didn't have to go to these immoral dentists and get ripped off! Sounds like they need to be closed down.

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