I've had fairly good luck turning to customer reviews before making a big purchase. When I connect to Clear Choice the first pages are glowing reviews that seem to be written in a similar manner.

It took a while to get to the actual reviews from consumers.

I thank you all very much for your experiences and opinions to help me in making my decision to avoid this company.

I'm told I must write 100 words so guess I will just say I'm starting to feel lucky to be living in a free world when we can still share our honest opinions with the world. I'm getting a sad and fearful feeling that if our government does not take control and stand up to this farce of a man who seems to want to destroy our country.

Reason of review: honesty.

Clear Choice Pros: Reviews.

Clear Choice Cons: Reviews.

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I had the all on 4 top & bottom done in Portland Oregon. (I'm 58,000.00 hidous smile). The office manager refused to let me put my story on there web site.


I have a law suit against Clear Choice for malpractice. It has been 5 years and my mouth has not been the same.

I have nerve damage thanks to Clear Choice of Rockville. Go at your own risk. I have been really messed over with no apologies given. I was treated royally until I paid that extra large sum of money up front.

Then when I stared complaining about numbness I was ignored and told it will go away with time.

You all better be aware, Clear Choice of Rockville does not take responsibility for malpractice. BE WARE !!!!!!


Thank goodness Barack Obama is no longer destroying our country. He was a farce of a president and did the best he could to destroy it all. Mr President, thank you for making America great again.


This isn't a political Forum Give It Up.


Thank you and the rest of you Ruski deplorable's for voting this madman into the White House. Go back to your shack somewhere in the mountains of the Ozarks and play your banjo while you wait for your welfare check that Trump will shortly take away from you.

Tell me then about how Obama 'done you wrong'. What a moron you must be. By the way, dental implants aren't covered by Medicade, a program that Obama fought to protect and one that Drumph will also eliminate from you life.

You will find that the years you spent smoking treebark through your corncob pipe, which gave you COPD , will eventually 'do you in' because you can't afford healthcare. Bye bye comrad.


Really?? What does this comment have to do with the subject matter above??

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