Atlanta, Georgia

I was told by my periodontist that as soon as the technology for implants improved I should get them and I did for my whole mouth. And it was the best thing ever that I went through Clear Choice.

The staff was great and friendly. The dental surgeons knew exactly what I wanted and needed and I haven't had any problems with them in the past few years I've had them - starting with my temps and my permanents.

And everyone loves my smile even though they have no idea what I've done. They just think I've got a great dentist and I do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: I look and feel fantastic!.

Clear Choice Pros: I loved the people, Dental doctors, Professional staff, Quality of work, Smile.

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Sherry R

Clear choice..My name is Sherry R. I m in the process of getting professional help about Abbey Dental.

Please contact me Sherry R.

So 702-367-8444 so I can pass this information along to you. Thank you!


How much did they charge? I went for my consult and they told me 52,000


i’m getting my permanent teeth in December and i’ll be out 55k when i’m done. can show a receipt as proof.


Do you have a photo of the bottom implant? I am having the ALL on 4 bottom implant done in February super worried about the results


This picture shows upper and lower. Both are perfect and that's what makes my smile great!

Don't be worried ...

they will make them right for you until you are comfortable. And trust me, it is better than putting your teeth in a jar at night.


Uh it’s 50,000 that’s as much as veneers


Are your still doing well? When did you have your work done and do you have your final teeth? Are you able to eat everything?


I am doing great!! I've had my finals for 2 years and I eat all the foods I love.

I can *** into apples, pears, etc.

including ribs, chicken and steak.


For $50,000 we better be able to lol what the heck


Still doing great! Had mt work done in 2012 and got finals a year later.

And I am able to eat - ***, chew - all the foods I like.


did they saw down each tooth


No. They did not saw down my teeth. Go to an office and get your free 360 x-ray and they will explain everything.


Did you get an implant for each tooth or do you have four implants which bridge the rest?


Four screws which hold the bridges


Where did you get yours done??? What's the Name, City, an State... Cause I'm really scared!!!


Clear Choice in Atlanta, GA


Beautiful smile...How Much?


Definitely not inexpensive but saved up for the experience since I knew it to be something in my immediate future - but each person's experience is different, therefore, so will be the cost. I had an inherited gum problem and therefore, had to get it done.

And because of using Clear Choice, I no longer have that problem as my gums are now much healthier.


$40 grand or more for full mouth. Lower implant with upper denture was $20,000


I paid $50,000 to make sure I get cubic zirconia in the end. But I am so far very unhappy on my journey.

They had me wait 7 months after they took my check full payment to operate while I had 6 infections on upper left teeth and they wouldn’t prescribe antibiotics bc I guess they knew it wouldn’t be able to eradicate the infection. Then they tell me it’s my fault that I needed a bone graft, bc I had 2 out of 8 implants fail LOL which were on the left side WHERE INFECTION WAS! The infection destroyed my bone.

Idc if I end up happy they ruined three semesters in college for me.. it has been ***

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