I can see why some would be upset about the cost... But seriously, I asked another dentist the average cost of full implants and he said $40,000 for uppers and lowers.

I had no other options because of my dire situation, and it was not caused by neglect or misuse of my body. I had poorly executed orthodontics at a youth, where the doctor tilted my bottom teeth back to give me the "proper" ***. This swung my roots forward and I had extensive bone loss, and then gum loss.

I didn't have money to spent on my teeth, but I was able to get a loan that ClearChoice helped me with. And I did negotiate the cash discount and save some money. I was only 49-years-old and it seemed to be the right thing to do... actually it was the only thing I could do... and I was grateful SOMETHING could be done.

I never felt I was being used or messed around with based on my income. Yes, I have the equivalent of a luxury car payment in my mouth, but I have better health and no pain and a great outcome for a very dire situation.

Based on the treatment time, and the amount of people involved in my care, I feel I got a bargain for the cost of my care. This is what I share about my experience in full:

I'd been in a downward spiral of dental problems since I was a teen. My situation had gotten so dire that my wonderful dentist, whom I'd been seeing for over a decade, could no longer help me. He referred me to a Mayo-trained expert who took one look in my mouth and said my case was hopeless - that I'd lost so much bone, that I would not be a candidate for implants. I would lose my teeth one by one, and end up in dentures. (And I knew from watching more elderly family members go through that, that it would end up in more bone loss, and as a result, painful ill-fitting appliances...) I just couldn't bear the thought.

I was only 49-years-old and had taken good care of my teeth, with cleanings every three months, for decades, and hours of self-care each week. But badly done orthodontics as a youth, in combination with genetic factors, resulted in early onset of periodontal disease, and my first gum graft surgery as a 19-year-old college student. I continued with these painful, expensive treatments to shore up and save my teeth with a various periodontists, and surgeons over decades to no avail. After that appointment with the Mayo-trained expert, I drove home in tears, and the tears continued for days. What was I going to do? I work with the public! How could I work with failing teeth? I was devastated.

At my oldest daughter's urging, I began to research possible solutions. I found ClearChoice online and was thrilled they had a center within an hour of my home. They offered a free, and detailed evaluation of my mouth. They weren't just going to peer in like the Mayo-trained expert. They were going to actually study my mouth in detail and tell me what they could do. Where before I had no hope, I now had the slightest glimmer.

I stepped through the doors of ClearChoice in fear, in pain, with that guarded glimmer of hope that my seemingly dismal dental situation could possibly be helped. After a detailed exam and high-tech imaging, I was told that indeed I had a dire situation. I had bone loss up to 80% in one jaw bone, and up to 60% in another. I was ready to cry again, but they stopped me. They told me they felt that I was a candidate for treatment, and that they could help me! My glimmer of hope expanded, and for the first time I felt optimistic there was a way for me to address my longstanding dental problems.

The process began, and I found myself in the hands of a very professional, competent, and caring team of experts that guided me through every step. While I could be helped, my case ended up being one of the most difficult ones they had worked with. I feel deeply that the great outcome I have experienced is because I chose to work with a team that specializes in, and is on the cutting edge of dental implant technology. This is all they do, day in and day out. They are experts, and truly no one could likely have handled my situation with the tremendous success that they did. (Indeed my own dentist, had trained under my ClearChoice doctor in dental school!)

I can't imagine putting my dental future in the hands of anyone without the training and specialization that the doctors and support team at ClearChoice offered me. Not only were they expert in the technical aspects of my treatment, but the caring and compassion extended to me as someone with stress and trauma issues around dental work was extraordinary. I felt genuinely, and truly cared for as a person, and every staff member patiently took time to help me feel comfortable in the process, no matter how long it took.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

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This is such a BS planted comment. This is basically a commercial for the company.

Any any company that can't rely on the real comments of their customers,,, and needs to plant fake ones in there.... I just don't trust. It is dishonest and scam-like. Do people really not recognize such obvious fake comments, that read like a commercial?

This isn't the way a real person speaks in a comment.

This shows every element of a "sales presentation"! CC is NOT to be trusted, due to this attempt to mislead customers and lie to them.


seems to me the only good comments made here are indeed made by the employees or benefactors of this scam. I dont believe it for a minute !

I have bone loss and blahblah blah , and every dentist says the same.... clear choice, hope you get whats coming for the maltreatment of ones who have smaller incomes then you are targeting....


I am not a clear choice employee, but a satisfied client. The reason the majority of these reviews are negative is most likely because we live in a world of 'victims', far too eager to *** & moan about anything & everything!

I've seen plenty of negative reviews left by people who haven't even had any work done at C.C., and by others complaining about the price. Not to mention, this website is "pissedconsumer", so what did you really expect the attitude direction of these posts to be!?!


EXACTLY! Why is a satified customer on the PISSED CONSUMER site to begin with?


Sounds like you had good luck! Would you do the same thing today if you were age 75, have had dentures since age 18 with what I would call "good luck"' or should I just settle for a denture re-do (new impressions) with present 7 year old dentures?


EXACTLY! Why is a satified customer on the PISSED CONSUMER site to begin with?

Obviously a planted review . Shame on you


I had both upper and lower done as well at the Ft. Lauderdale location.

I have to agree with the person above as everything said was my experience as well.

Very professional and they truly cared about your experience. Its been over 5 years now with no complaints.


Story indicates issue with bottoms, what happened to uppers? No geographical location to give proper credit.


Happy for you but provide something like Doctors name and location. Don Grayson


EXACTLY! Why is a satified customer on the PISSED CONSUMER site to begin with?

Obviously a planted review . Shame on you


I would really like to know WHICH center this was at, as these reviews seem to vary based on location.


I am happy you found what you were looking for. Your story is touching.

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