My experience so far has been very close to yours and I am 4days post-op and surgery day was a nightmare and my temp teeth are as well. $48,500.

Car salesman, after the $$$$. Don't give a *** about your satisfaction or comfort. Acted like they were working on a car engine not a human being g mouth that was just cut up, screwed up, and sewn up !!! Very very painful and they could care less !!!

Ssshhh, be quiet!!! There are other patients that might hear u. OMG !!! seriously ?

Maybe treat me with a little consideration for the condition my mouth is in right now. Nope, torque em' down and get the *** out.

O'h and if u have any post-op problems, don't​ call us, go to ER, we are done dealing with u once we slap em' in yur trap. Callous people

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow ! 48,000 u are *** .


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