In August of 2010 I read an article on clear choice saying those words I longed to hear, that they could fix my smile in just one day. So I called and made an appt.

They were very quick to get me in, the first time I went in I went alone. And boy I was made to feel more insecure as ever. My husband never commented on my teeth, the person I spoke to made me think that this is what my husband was feeling but never saying. Before I left he gave me a price of forty-two thousand dlls.

I said no thank you that was to much money. When I got home I told my husband where I had gone and what I did, I told him how much they were asking for. His jaw dropped then the phone rang it was Clear choice calling saying that they felt bad that I could'nt get the procedure, but they were calling because he had spoken to his supervisor and they had come down to thirty-two thousand but we would have to snatch it up before the day was out. My husband felt bad for me and agreed to take me back that same day, the pressure was on that guy was bad they really train their people to get you when you're down.

He knew my husband woud'nt say anything about my teeth, I had protruding teeth and not straight. Well he gave in, he knew how much I wanted to smile, to this day it was the worst mistake of my life. I live in pain, I can't chew my food my lips are allways chaped, I cant talk right the pronunciation of words is horrible, most people just look at me and say what! They have trouble understanding me.I have pain when touching around my nose and upper lip, when I told the Dr he just played it off, never really answering me WHY do I hurt.

The corners of my mouth were ripped for a long time after the surgery I couldnt open my mouth cause the corners would hurt and bleed. Clear choice makes you feel like there doing you a favor but after it's all said and done they treat you like you're bothering them. It's going on two years and I still have'nt gotten to the end of my horrer, I hate going back its one surgery after another they dont tell you this when they conn you into it.

I have another appt I made because I've been dealing with so much pain when eating it's just getting harder. You know when I see a commercial for Clear choice it makes my stomach turn.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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At the bottom of your review you say you only lost $32 dollars - that's a great deal!


As a retired Oral Surgeon with 49 years experience plus 2 years in the Navy as an Oral Surgeon, consult with an Oral Surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Oral Surgery before embarking on any of these treatments. You can get the names of these members from "American Board of Oral Surgery.com"

on the internet. They are located in most cities in the US.

J Schmitt DDS


:) I went to clear choice in San Antonio, Texas off of Broadway for consultation for dental implants. The dentist was so unprofessional and laughed at me during the consultation after I tried to explain my issues and symptoms.

I was already feeling hurt and embarrassment and never got a professional answer to my questions. I felt that her limited knowledge other that the routine rundown, is the reason why she just blowed me off. Even her assistant looked surprised at how she treated me.

Well, I have chosen another dental implant provider and I will be getting my perminants for 4 implants this weekend.

Chain store dental providers are not the way to go when you are willing to spend a lot of money for something you are truly passionate about. So I've learned.

Good luck to them and their dental factory.


Glad you didn't get me too!


Dear Tired, thank you for sharing this nightmare. You mention your natural teeth protruded.

Did they have other problems that made them unsavable? Was full mouth extraction and fixed prostheses Dr's only recommendation?

Why is it one surgery after another, isn't it teeth in a day? I hope by now you are at least out of pain.


:cry :( I have always been considered to have above attractive looks. After having gastric bypass my over all nutrition suffered.

I lost 0ver a 100lbs. In the process I went to three or four dentists Of course with insurance at the time and received 5 $1000.00 a piece crowns. Since then I was laid off w/o insurance all the crowns have broken off and there are teeth broken down into my gums. My problem was not cosmetic or for vanity although I haven't been able to smile in years it is just to function normally without pain.

I cannot begin to tell you literally with a tummy the size of an egg eating without teeth is life threatening. Many times I have tried to eat and because I can't chew adequately I have become strangled to the point of fearing I was not going to make it.I called Clear Choice and was quoted no less than $30,000.00 I would only be able to do that if I died then what is the point. My option Financing who is going to finance without a job & the lost of my home.I even asked if I model before and after photos when they give me a break Well NO was the answer those photos were for people that had the procedure and PAID! They LITERALLY suggested I put the financing in my child's name She is 20 and has a part time job.

I have never been so disgusted. The person at Clear Choice told me if it is as bad as I say it is my Child should understand They were sure she didn't want me to die and would do it.

She was devastated. What a disturbing way pressure someone that is already rendered anti social , hard to find a job and maybe just maybe death by strangulation


Sorry for your circumstances, they sound Pretty bad, maybe you can find some sort of help through the state ran healthcare system...

However, as far as any company providing a service for free, you have too understand they are a business and not a charity organization, every business has operating costs and cant provide you with a service for free, when they could be giving that service to a paying customer!


Perhaps its called Obama Care!!!!!


My aunt was treated by Clear Choice in Chicago. I actually went with her to her "free consultation".

I found their staff to be attentive, kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable. They explained in great detail what my aunt could expect and yes did discuss the cost of her treatment which was $50,000.00. They offered varied financing options for her as well. I also asked several questions as my background is in healthcare (that is why she brought me along) Neither one of us felt as though they were trying to pressure us into signing up.

they explained we could take as long as needed to make a decision. They also offered a return visit if we desired. My did decide to have their treatment. That was in 2010 in Chicago.

She is all completed on schedule and is very happy with the work she had done there.

She has recommended Clear Choice to her friends as well. I have read some these reviews and I have to think as they are a national company that results may vary by location and or by the doctors providing the treatment and care.


Hi Sandra,

I am considering this treatment and read your review. It seems like there are so many bad experiences shared on this web site.

Your one stands out as very positive. How is your aunt doing now?

Does she feel it was worth the cost and pain?

Thanks in advance for a reply,

Frank in Chicago

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