I'm in ! Because of the stress and incompetent staff I suffered 2 brain anyerims due to medical malpractice and continued to ignore my requests to have a different dental assistant.

The one that caused the problem . 5 years later and still waiting for a full set that go together without broken teeth or plate ! My head is on fire and same SYMPTOMS of headaches are back neurosurgeons say cause of this is stress and dental yours truly T M

Ps I paid up front 40,000 and extra 25,000 trying to get the mistake made by clear choice corrected 4 yrs and knew dr.and soon to be transformed to west covina .somebody please HELP FYI one of my front teeth on the bottom plate broke off right smack-dab in the middle! Tried to get an appointment but still kept getting the comments I'll check your chart!

Thank God that I am a manicurist so I made my own tooth! I used to say the one thing I couldn't do was make my own teeth and apparently I'm being forced to do that! There's always a bump in a Groove in a new business of service, but when you get bumped and grooved constantly that constitutes a deal-breaker! If there is Justice in the world for the people that live on it work it and make it go around then there will be Justice for teeth!

Let's not forget that teeth are in the city it's not a vanity or luxury! When you have a a titanium post sticking up as one of your molars it takes a lot of getting used to the side of my mouth my tongue are cut to pieces!

I'd like to say if I could grow whiskers I could be a kitty cat with spiky teeth but with my age group we do grow whiskers... That's not funny whiskers metal teeth holy Hannah Shocked Shocked :

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Tujunga, California

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That was a really funny Review and you have a good attitude after such a Trumatic experience thank you for the warning


Clear Choice is an egregious ripoff. 50 cents worth of plastic.

Endless grief. Pass.


Can't talk properly",now can't get a job

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