I had a full mouth, 2 arches removal/replacement. I'm so happy I no longer have tooth pain.

I can eat anything I want. You always know they're there, but way better than I expected.

Very expensive. If you can afford it, the procedure is worth it.

Reason of review: Exactly as described/ advertised.

Clear Choice Pros: Worked for me.

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No way. Every claim they make is false.

I think you work for clear choice. They have people troll this site.


I do not work for clear choice I Am a Union Tradesman and also paid in full from my retirement account and I believe your health is a worth while investment My experience in NJ was 100% better than anticipated and 100% accurate in what they told me. You must have have had a bad experience with your facility and Dr.

I suggest you communicate with your Dr. My Dr. M . A.

is remarkably good so far and I do not have buyers remorse it is alot of moola but worth every penny. Doug E


I agree!!


I've got all on 4 top and bottom. there garbage.

Clear choice donest care. I can't eat anything without using my chopper. it still hurts to barely chew.

I've paid over $72,550. Clear choice sucks I'll bet you anything you work for clear choice


Sorry you are having problems. Mine are perfect.

No, I don't work for them. Did you go to the Portland, OR Clear Choice? One thing different about mine: I waited 8 months before getting my final set. I was out of the area for 4 months.

I don't know if that made a difference.

With my sets, the arches do not lay on the gums: the arches are supported by the post implants. Food does get under the arch, and I water-pick it out.


Post a picture of your perfect teeth. Did they remove your entire gums "keeping you looking younger" what a joke clear choice sucks.

Corporate doesnt care about there CUSTOMERS only customers money. You do realize you are helping them destroy people's mouths and quality of life.

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