GO TO MEXICO! I wanted a permanent fix to my missing teeth, but as a result of having periodontal issues I needed 5 bone grafts and 2 sinus lifts before implants can be installed. The estimated costs from 3 dental implant offices in the U.S. for just the bone grafts and sinus lifts were $5500 - $6500 - I got this done in Juarez, MX for $1912.00. The offices down there are just as clean and hygienic as offices in the U.S., plus you don't have to sit around for an hour waiting before you're finally seen by a dr with a huge ego in the U.S.

I now must wait about 7 months for the grafts to heal before I can have implants installed. It's been 2 months now and the grafts are healing fine.

The esimated costs for implants in the U.S. from the 3 offices I went to were between $2500 - $2750 each - in MX the cost is $900.00. The MX offices also give you a 10 year warranty on dental work. The staff at the office I visited in Juarez were very friendly, give free teeth cleanings and x-rays. While I was getting the grafts, my wife had her teeth cleaned and they did an excellent job.

To sum it all up: The estimated costs for grafts, implants and finally 2 permanent partial dentures from the 3 offices I visited in the U.S. were up to $14,000 (without porcelain veneers). In MX the total cost will be around $6800.00 with 6 porcelain veneers to cover up my front teeth.

Do what you want, but before you make a decision to spend thousands here, check out the costs for treatment at Rio Dental in Juarez. They even provide a "FREE" van that will pick you up anywhere you're at in El Paso - take you to the dental office, then return you to whatever location you choose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

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Believe it or not, there are very good dentists in Mexico.


I had no idea that getting implants was such a long process. My husband was playing baseball with some of his buddies last week, and got hit in the face with a bat.

Now, we are trying to figure out what we should do.

It's good to know where we can go to save moeny, and how long the process will take.



Jurez is the most dangerous city in the world. Why would you want to get hepatitis from the dental office and then shot on your way home.


My friend lives in El Paso and had dental work done in Juarez, thinking she'd save money. Now, she's a ClearChoice customer because the work done in Mexico (while a tenth of the original cost) got infected and has to be redone.

Think twice before believing you'll save money that way.

As a ClearChoice (Portland, OR) customer myself, I am glad I chose the office I did. The staff is amazing and I don't have to worry about extra costs springing up.


Your an idiot did you learn that on American news like CNN or Fox I have a summer home there with a local care taker My HellCat and Bike never been touched


Their concerns about Mexico are valid. We used to cross over into Nuevo Laredo every week for groceries, eating, shopping, and just plain fun.

Now, that beautiful city, just like many other Mexican citied, are under siege. It's sad.


Dear anonymous...Juarez lost that distinction to Reynosa long ago. Sad


I have the same problem and my wife went to her country of

birth, Argentina and came back with the same news, she had

nine fillings, a cleaning and two crowns fixed, plus all the x-rays

and a panoramic x-ray for a total of $450.00.

She was soooo happy she gave the Dr.

a $50.00 tip, that's a

lot downthere. Buenos Aires, Argentina here I come !!!!!


For many years ive heard the stories of people going to mexico for dental, medical, and specifically, cancer treatments. I would say this: America has the best medical services in the world.

also, when things "screw up" in Mexico, try getting things fixed, or your money refunded. No way!

Many Hispanics in America go to Mexico for a variety of services, and are quite happy with the results. They speak Spanish, know the people in Mexico, and enjoy the trips south of the boarder.

However, when it comes to the medical services, I always think of Steve McQueen (old movie star), and others of wealth, who, in desperation, went to Mexico for medical help, and died in the experimental medical clinics.

It's your choice, but America is far and away better than any foreign country, including Canada, Germany, and France, for your medical services.


clear choice is a scam worse than those pesky door to door salesmen like one of the other patients jaurez mexico is the place to go...the lady dentist down there is what a dentist should be honest and with in the realm of reality as far pricing a third of what u.s. dentists charge. im not buying their snot nose kids a Mercedes for school if any one gets a Mercedes it is going to be me!!!!!


I got a kick out of the 29 *** to 3 "usefuls". Mine was one of the usefuls.

The 29 *** were obviously given by 29 screwing you in the U.S.of A. dentists.

I did manage to find a dentist with a lab run by her husband on site to do 7 implants, abutments and crowns for $995.00 cash in Jeffersonville, Indiana right accross the river from Louisville, Ky. If I had not located this dentist , I was going to go to Mexico or Costa Rico myself.


Hey can you give me the name of the dentist you seen in Ky?


I feel terrible for those who have had great experiences in Mexico, simply because you are uninformed about implants. If implants, abutments and crowns can be bought for $995 there is something majorly wrong.

Why? Because titanium implants with ceramic crowns with or without gold (made in China or worse) cost the dentist more than $995. The only way the dentist can provide this for $995 is by using inferior materials. Titanium is the only approved metal compatible with the human body.

The precision needed to make a quality implant is very high. The precision required to make a high quality crown is also very high. The materials themselves must be made of metals that do not meet U.S. standards.

Buyer beware. You get what you pay for.


Can't comment on the cost argument, but titanium is not the only approved metal compatible with the human body. Austenitic stainless steel is used for alot of things implanted in the body, as well as body modification jewelry like tongue studs. Although I can't speak for dental screws specifically, I'm pretty sure when it comes to a stress test, your jaw would crack and the ceramic tooth would shatter long before a stainless steel screw would bend, warp, crack, break, or shatter.


I work in aerospace manufacturing. Titanium i not very expensive as far a material goes.

Implants are machined in very much the same way as certain aircraft parts. The machines run pretty much by themselves after the initial programming. DDS, if you're pay $995 per implant then you're the one getting screwed. That may be the industry standard though.

I don't know. If it is then the manufacturers are all in collusion which is illegal. Just to produce one implant with materials probably only costs around $5, in quantity. And that's probably a high price but again depending on how many they produce on a typical run.

So, additional cost for inspection, non destructive testing, heat treatment, and sterilization I can't see the cost going higher than $100 per unit. In fact, this price would probably also include advertising, liability insurance, etc.

If it costs you $1K for the implant and you charge $3000 for the procedure then I think you're charging an obscene hourly rate for your expertise.


I happened apon this app by accident while looking for something else...The app is a current catalogue for dentists who specialize in dental implants. It had parts, prices and material details of everything.. The best of the best implants with titanium/porcelain were under $150 for the implant itsself (the root) and less than $50 for the porcelain cap(the tooth)..Most doctors will tell you.."if i were in it for the money i would have went to dental school"..


I agree dentists in america are a bunch of crooks. Wish the governments step in and do something about this..


You are so right. The expensive costs for dental work is crazy. There is no way they can justify the cost for materials or service.


DDS must not get the same catalog that I have seen in the dentist office - implants cost $30 each. Nice try.

I got a full set of new teeth with implant support and ceramic, cad designed teeth for $16,000 in Costa Rica. Oh - and that includes a trip to the hot springs at Arenal. The same work here would have cost 80,000 to 100000. The work was done by dentists who have degrees from the US, so I guess your "America Only" argument just fell flat.

Good luck getting a refund from ANY dentist in America if the work fails. What do you do - go back to the dentist who screwed it up to get it fixed?

No thanks. Did I mention that my teeth are guaranteed for LIFE.


Can you share the contact information on the dentist office you went to in Costa Rica? I'm considering the same thing and the information would be greatly appreciated.

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