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I went there because the oral surgeon I have seen on 4 other occasions works there. The surgery went fine. But the follow up was done by another dentist there, Dr. Donatelli, who is incompetent in my opinion.

The first thing that happens when you go there is they ask for your money up front before any work is done. I have had 4 implants placed before this, so I know what to expect. Impossible to get an appointment closer than 3 weeks out. And sometimes 4. When the implant first came back (the crown) it didn't fit at all. So 4 weeks later I went back to try again, and Dr. Donatelli spent an hour and a half making it fit. I had to take pain pills for two days it was so painful. And the color is too light. So I have to go back again.

I am very very displeased and would never go back there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Store Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I have an appointment there in a few weeks. What did Dr. Donteeli do?

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